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    "If u want to buy a £97 shirt and u borrow £50 off ur mum and £50 off ur dad.. So u got £100. U buy the shirt and uve £3 left over. U keep £1 urself and u give ur mum and dad a £1 each. So u now owe them £49 each which is £98 altogether.. U put ur pound back in and u get £99. Whered the other £1 go?"

    It confused the fuck out of everyone, even took me a minute to understand. :smoking:
  2. Lost me at quid..
  3. who the fuck buys a 100 quid shirt??

    change quid to dollars pounds to dollars etc
  4. haha, sorry for you american foke, quid is a pound, pound = dollar
  5. You would still owe one 50 if you took just 1 and the other 49 making it 99 you put yours back 100?

  6. yeah, this
  7. theres no need to put your 1 quid back. youve essentially bought a 98 quid shirt, since you pocketed 1 quid. it hasn't gone anywhere, its just figured into the equation differently to f you up. :smoke:

    and really, a 97 quid shirt?
  8. i only pay 20 squid max for shirts
  9. i think this is like the riddle with the horses. you just needed the 1 extra quid so you could evenly divide n shit or somethin. its a really confusin math thing i cant explain right now.
  10. If you put your dollar in you dont get 99...

    You owe your parents 100 and minus 97 for shirt have 3 left correct?

    You OWE your parents no 49 each with is 98.

    You have a dollar. give it to one of your parents and you have 99.

    Heres the thing. You still have to pay them back. So you owe one parent 49 and you owe the other 50.

    I hate this question cause it makes no sense. I dont think there is enought information to solve this. Cause where in the FUCK ARE YOU PUTTING THE DOLLAR? :confused_2:

    IMHO this is flawed.

    Edit: If this makes no sense, sorry. I don't know how to explain it. You put your dollar in, but in where?
  11. hahah, the answer is that the £98 contains the £1 the person kept, so they can't go adding it on again. the £2 left over from 100 was already given back.
  12. There is no other pound.

    And come on, you guys really haven't heard of quid before? You're telling me you've never watched any British shows? The Office, Doctor Who, Absolutely Fabulous? Jeez.
  13. I heard the same type of riddle but different format.

    There is no lost or gained dollar

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