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rick simpsons hemp oil

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by kaztatts, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. recently looking on different sitess for alternative medicine for cancer patients i came accross the documentary of run from the cure ;the rick simpson story.both my sister and father have cancer. has anyone here tried hemp oil like this
  2. I treated my mother in laws skin cancer with hemp oil, took less than 2oz of pot to make it and she only used half on more than ike 10 spots on her head and face. Didn't even leave a scar, took about 5 days of applying twice a day to clear them all up.
  3. well the vidio says that you need 1lb of hemp tomake the oil.... how did you make the oil and did she ingest it too??
  4. You don't need 1lb, thats just how much it takes to make enough for you to cure your cancer with.

    She only took it internally a couple of times and get pretty stoned off of it, you don't really take it internally for skin cancer tho so yeah.
  5. thanks for getting back to me ...
  6. I have used a topical oil developed here in Michigan that uses Rick Simpson oil as a key ingredient. I have found relief from aches and pains that I have used it on. I know people that have used it on arthritic parts of their body and have found much relief.

    The developer has shown me many videos of testimony that the oil is the real deal from many patients with many illnesses.

    I would say go for it and try it.

    Good luck to your situation
  7. I am checking on the condition of your mother in law now? Can we have an update?
  8. So you actually did cure skin cancer with it, that's great to hear! Spread this story to as many people as you can, it's important!
  9. I was amazed when I first read about Run From The Cure. Is it really possible that we've had a cure for cancer all along?
  10. Would this help with someone who has lymphoma?
  11. Nobody has ever cured cancer with cannabis. Ever. Not once. Drinking hemp oil or rubbing it on skin cancer will not do much. Some studies have found that injecting tumors with THC can have beneficial effects.... obviously that's waaaaay different than drinking some hemp oil or rubbing it on yourself.

    Will it make you feel better while you're dying from cancer? Most definitely. Not gonna cure it though. One-off stories of "cures" are either complete fabrications or demonstration of the spontaneous remission rate. There is no conspiracy to cover up cures for cancer, and hemp oil is not a cure.

    The problem with people like rick simpson is that they profit from other people's misery and desperation, not from actual results.

    edit: as for the skin cancer poster, I really hope you're getting conventional treatment for the person with skin cancer. "Alternative medicine" kills people all the time by telling them not to go to the doctor while they rot away from cancer. It's sickening.
  12. I can find a string of videos from people who say Jesus cured them. That doesn't make it any more true.

    We need RESEARCH, not anecdotal claims on Youtube.

    Threads like this keep getting posted and nobody has ever presented any real facts, just anecdote.
  13. What do you mean, research and real facts? This medicine has not undergone large clinical trial studies yet, so there cannot be any of that. In addition, there are still hundreds of studies showing that cannabis has the potential to achieve what is being claimed here, as well as the whole matter of the endocannabinoid system.

    In addition, I know many of these people, and have for years. They are not fucking lying. Some of the people who I've talked to could barely move, and the oil saved them when nothing else would. There's no way all these people would be saying this for no reason, especially when their testimonies are so specific and consistent.

    And bulletcatcher, you say "alternative medicine kills all the time", but it certainly is no more than how much conventional medicine kills. I'm not sure you realize how low the success rate is with chemotherapy, overall. And I agree there are some alternative therapies which are bullshit, but I personally have seen enough of this to know I would choose it any day over what I could get from a doctor.

  14. You're pulling the same move rick simpson does. Marijuana helping neurological disorders like MS, CP, etc is not proof that it cures cancer. Or cures ANYTHING for that matter. You have to keep using cannabis to reap the benefits; that's a treatment, not a cure.

    Success rates with radiation therapy are INCREDIBLY high for many types of cancers. Radiation therapy is also not the only method we have to deal with cancer. Some cancers are nearly incurable by any known means (pancreatic cancer comes to mind). Conventional medicine may "kill", but it allows people to make an informed decision about what is done to them and the medications they use. It lays out the risks, benefits, and side-effects of any treatment or procedure. Sometimes death is a risk. Alternative medicine does not do ANY of that. It essentially relies on the fallacy that natural things are safe and so we don't have to test anything yaaaay!
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