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Rick Simpson Oil, smoke it?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by JerBear31, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. I was just asking a friend the very same thing
  2. Well unfortunately with most people with my type of colitis (ulcerative) I have bowel issues. Not that I haven't tried suppositories, cause I have lol. I'll try anything for a while, whatever issue it may bring, I weight if it's worth the consequence or not. Go figure hey?
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    There are a few considerations that could significantly influence how RSO oil affects your gut or other organs:
    1) Pesticide contamination: if the cannabis flower that was used to make RSO had contaminant pesticides, this could absolutely cause side effects, including gastrointestinal discomfort. Unfortunately, a huge percentage of cannabis sold even in dispensaries is contaminated with nasty pesticides. Best to grow your own or have a trusted caregiver provide it.
    2) Solvent/Residual: if the solvent was not completely evaporated, it could cause problems. Popular solvents include somewhat crude petroleum mixtures like naphtha. If the solvent includes higher molecular weight hydrocarbons, they could be very difficult to remove from the RSO.
    3) Strain type: there are many different "chemotypes" that vary between strains, determined by their terpene and cannabinoid profiles. This could result in very different pharmacology. Some researchers found THC effective and CBD to be ineffective for colitis. Other researchers found CBD alone to be effective. I imagine you may have to try a few different strains or mixtures of different strains to find what works for you.
    4) Dose: abdominal pain has been associated in some cases with heavy marijuana use. The reasons/causality are unclear. I imagine it could be from pesticide contamination, but also may be a direct effect of natural plant compounds at high doses.
    5) Allergy: unfortunately I am allergic to cannabis myself and break out in a rash when my skin rubs against a live plant. If I eat raw cannabis or an extract that has not been properly filtered, I get very bad stomach cramps. I have made RSO with isopropanol, and filtered through a chemex filter...I have not yet experienced stomach cramps using this method.

    Good luck, hope you find something that helps.
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  4. Yet another reason to grow your own. No one will nurture that plant like you will. I always say, if you are able, grow outdoors in clean soil and fresh water. I truly believe the medicine is better when grown under the sun.
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