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Rick Simpson Oil Capsules.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StoninBreeeze_SOJA, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Well I've only recently started hear talk about this Rick Simpson Oil and all the wonders it has for the medical field but I came across a recreational use of these. I was able to trade some Adderall for Rick Simpson Oil capsules and when I obtained them I wonder what the high would feel like? And it looks different from the THC capsules and Rick Simpson Oil is made differently? So in all ends I just want to know more about it. So any interesting information you would be willing to share would be very much appreciated.

  2. Unless you made it yourself there is no telling.
  3. Right, that makes sense. I do trust the person I got it from so I'm sure they are what he said. But you're seeing I don't know how much was put it to make it and or even how it's made. So I guess at this point I'm just looking for information on Rick Simpson Oil. 
    By the way I'm very open minded to most things.
  4. I've never made the RSO, but I do know it is made with some things that if not made correctly could do some damage.
  5. How well they'll work really depends on how well they were made! Here's a post from a recent thread, there are a few links that will give you some information on RSO/Phoenix Tears, and alternative food-grade methods of producing bioavailable, or more readily-absorbed oil. :)
    If they followed his method properly, Rick's info should let you know what you're dealing with :)
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  6. Their is no way in hell that It was rick Simpson oil. Unless you traded thousands of adderal haha, rick Simpson oil calls for 2 pounds of quality marijuana to make one ounce. One small ounce.
  7. Thanks for all the help. And if it isn't then so be it but my main objective for this was just to learn more about it. Well I got some reading to do. Thanks again.
     A little more on RSO and hash oil, for the folks who may need some extra info. :)
     It takes only one pound to make between one and a half, up to three ounces of oil, depending on the quality of the material and the efficiency of the extraction. :) It varies based on where you are in the world, but each gram of RSO could be valued between $15 and $50, similar to the average and usually 'cleaner' (ie. clearer, fewer inert components, higher cannabinoid content or ratio) hash oil. Just a half gram would be MORE than enough for the average toker to enjoy if made properly, considering a mere third to a half of a gram of flowers, is a fairly standard edible dose.
     GC doesn't promote or allow the discussion of other substances, by the way, or bartering with them, so you folks may want to edit your posts before a mod drops in to say hello.  :)
     To the OP, I'd suggest twisting open the capsule/s and smelling the contents to be certain you don't smell any trace of solvent, where RSO is often made with Naptha.
     (I perform my medical extractions using ethyl alcohol or ethanol; just as effective, and it's food grade drinking alcohol, so even if a batch is inadvertently under-purged, it's no less healthy than the average tincture!)

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