Rick Simpson Live Webcast Available for Listening!

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  1. Rick Simpson performed a live webcast today, February 14th, starting at 2:00EST. The webcast can be heard by visiting http://phoenixtears.ca, clicking on Live Webcast, and then clicking the link that allows you to listen to the conference call. Even I enjoyed listening to it, and it should be more fruitful to those unfamiliar with Rick.
  2. Some lady in colorado is setting up a farm/medical facility where she will be giving free care to the sick, and people are already volunteering to become study patients. She has partnered with various doctors as well.

    Looks like the scientific studies are about underway...
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    What! I didn't hear that part! I actually only listened to the show partially, as it is quite long and all of what he was saying I already knew. And Matticus, I assure you these are not as much studies as they are just treatments. We already know it works. I mean for those who are skeptical of it, it will change their minds, but there is no question about it. This will work. By the way, do you know what time point it's at where the lady talks about the farm?

    Wow, that is incredible! I actually just found it and my spirits are higher than ever. They have nine and a half acres of land and they are able to collect "hard scientific data on PhoenixTears", as the woman put it. The transformation is so close to happening, it's amazing!
  4. It is quite exciting. I can't wait to hear what happens with the farm.

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