Rick Ross and 50 cent beef

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  1. Hahahah 50's tearin this guy a new asshole
    He realesed a cartoon to ross called "officer ricky" and its soooo funny
    And all the songs comin out 50 is just TEARIN them up its ridiculous

    But i guess that Rick Ross used to be a cop
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    he was a probation officer or something I think, not a street cop

    Correctional officer my bad
  3. He used to be a corrections officer at a prison... not a cop. All it was was a job.
  4. Ok thats what i thought but i wasnt sure

    But still, its pretty funny
    And have you heard ill be the shooter? by 50 cent. Its dope as fuck it has to grow on you tho
  5. Nah I don't like 50 he doesn't even move his mouth when he talks...
  6. ross was a correctional officer, it has been proved. i could really care less about all this gay-unit and 'yay lord' ross beef.
  7. it kinda funny tho i will admit
  8. Man for real tho 50 is TEARING this guys head off. I honestly think ross's career is over
    He shouldntve fucked with 50 haha

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