Richard Sherman went off

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  1. Greatest post-game interview ever hahahaha

  2. It was kinda kanye like lol....I laughed a lot
  3. That shit was pretty funny lol
  4. i was scared for my life dudes apparently got a machete 
  5. Hahaha I saw that live and it cracked me up Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. Richard Sherman is a real nigga, we need more like him in this country
  7. He was high on adrenaline. Can you blame him? He was instrumental in his team going to the super bowl any times this season.
  8. What does he mean by "LOB"?

    I laughed.
  9. I'm the best corner back in the game! - Richard Sherman
  10. As a non-football watcher I could see how someone could find it funny. But he's a fucking bitch. The "I'm the best" alone is one thing - that's T.O. -esque. But screaming it at a woman, and calling out a specific player on the opposing team, he shouldn't be in the nfl. Making the choking gesture at the end and getting in crabtrees face, it's really just despicable. At least any endorsement deals he might have had are down the toilet, and I'm sure as soon as he retires or gets a career ending injury (hopefully the latter) his money will be gone within a couple years. I hope the Denver offense just fucking demolishes him. Manning to Thomas, Thomas, decker, and welker. Fuck sherm.
  11. He's a idiotLost respect for himF the hawks
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    He talks a lot of trash, this is football not tennis.. but he does back it up. I wont call him the greatest and im a Seahawk fan but Sherman is a fucking beast still. Interview made me laugh, some people got so fuckin butthurt.
  13. Not buy hurtI just think its really stupid for someone to act like that. Makes his team look like fools and him self. I liked the guy but now after seeing that, I do not. He's a trashy dirty player. They barely won..
  14. SEEEAAAAA HAAAWWWWKS bitches!!!! We will bring the house down in NY.
  15. Let sherman have his moment, cause at the end of the day Crabtree goes home to a way bigger paycheck than him
  16. [quote name="cothrantyson" post="19372563" timestamp="1390192695"]Richard Sherman is a real nigga, we need more like him in this country[/quote]Preachh. He backs it up, Crabtree is a bitch for that move he pulled so I don't know why people are taking his side. 49ers can suck on a dick because they're not winning anything any time soon. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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