Rice root aphids and clones

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  1. Can one take clones off plants in a room that is infected with rice root aphids? Or do the winged versions lay eggs on plant stalks and leaves?
  2. If that person cant afford a fresh seed for 6 bucks or wants to save the 6 bucks for booze and hookers this i do understand . i guess a person could risk killing all the eggs . Im sure there all over . Bugs wonder right not just sit still. I have seen spider mites move 50 feet to a single leaf in the corner of a room
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    One of the former blades would spray his cuts with heavy duty pesticides to insure his clones were pest free.
    SG1 was in Oregon with bad Mite issues as I recall hence his extreme measures.

    My cuts come from outside plants and I've only had issues in the cloner once with Mites taking over just 1 cut. I rinsed them off under the sink faucet and a soft brush and the cutting was OK.



    This set is now finishing and I'll get around 35 good Clones from the 72 cuts I started with.


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  4. Dunk them in something like Athena IPM or Lost Coast Plant Therapy. Eggs are laid in soil.
    Their life cycle is typical, with eggs and larva in the soil and winged adults roaming around leaves and stems. The adults can't actually fly, and rely on walking or wind to spread to new plants.
    We got hit with them recently and were able to remediate with Arbico NemAttack and NemaSeek, in combination with daily foliar with Athena IPM. There under control almost immediately to where the plants were fine, but getting rid of them 100% is tougher. If we stop the weekly nematodes and 2-3x week IPM, the little fuckers come back. We are almost there now, but its taken probably 6 weeks of very consistent treatments.
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  5. This isn't for my operation, this is for another person's operation I help manage. Against my will he brought in potted plants from another source that were infected and it infested the whole entire operation. I took 200 cuttings off of his plants before we tossed every single plant and all of the soil in bags out to the garbage. Starting all over. My concern is are those cuttings I took tainted with eggs or do these rice root aphids lay eggs only in the soil?
  6. Always great info. I also cut 2x the amount of clones I need for insurance purposes. I keep some in .you bedroom and some in the veg room. If one room has a issue I can keep those quarantined.
  7. They lay eggs near a food source so good possibly. Monitor those in a quarantined room is my best advice.
  8. I’m battling Cannabis aphids right now. I’ve been using Dr Bronners peppermint soap. As @PotStrainsForBackPains mentioned, it’s an every other day application to keep them under control. I just ordered some Lost Coast, hopefully that makes a chink in their armor!:cautious:
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  9. Also a omri listed insecticide called grandevo. Works pretty good but like jmcgd said it's a constant battle.
  10. I’ve dealt with:
    Thrips… meh
    Fungus gnats…easy peezey
    Spider mites… “ manageable “
    Aphids…. Persistent, tenacious, ravenous little fuckers that reproduce like rabbits on ecstasy. I hate em!:mad:
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  11. Nematodes are voracious eaters! The strain matters a lot too. Arbico has been good to us so far. I called them once with a pretty technical question, and the person who answered the phone knew what was what, very sharp woman. They do more big Ag stuff, but when I called and talked to them about cannabis, zero judgement, unlike some Ag companies. Now we do them every week and the results are solid.
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  12. So do you soil drench those nematodes? I think my Canna aphids life is mainly happening on the leaves.
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  13. Yes, media drench
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  14. Seems better to get rid of the growing medium
  15. Kinda hard to do once the plants are already in it...
  16. Nah, that’s EXACTLY what beneficial insects are for , saving the grow. Soil is expensive and should ABSOLUTELY be recycled. For pennies per sq ft I can amend soil and reuse it for years!:thumbsup:

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