rice pudding

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  1. you know... i was hungry... turns out i need to go grocery shopping because i've cooked everything. anyways i thought very carefully to myself about what to make since there was nothing to make. i then remembered how my mom would make rice pudding when i was a kid so i made reguler rice then when that was done i cooked the rice again in milk suger and an egg and threw in cinnimon sticks and raisins in the fridge noone was using and after letting it cook slowly over like 2 hours i put the whole pot in the fridge to chill out. gotta say it tastes awesome kinda fucked up because i instinctively added salt when cooking the rice but i just added more sugar to cancel that out when it was in phase two.

    hmm... now that i think about it i hate raisins and im probably going to pick them out... wtf man i just added them because rice pudding usually has them in there >.<
  2. I want some now man... haha :bongin:
  3. i made a huge pot of it haha im gonna get sick of it like halfway through the pot but i cant stop eating it, it tastes awesome and its homemade haha well its not cold yet and i burned myself twice but hey no pain no gain right? lol
  4. Yeah man my nan use to make that a can of condensed milk and and cooked warm rice

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