Rib tattoos?

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  1. Alright, tatt fiends. Do they hurt? I've been wanting to get some lyrics tattooed on the side were my ribs are, but I'm a little afraid of the pain.

    I have one tattoo, and it's on my shoulder blade. I loved getting it done, I actually fell asleep during my session. 😏 I don't know, I felt it was kind of therapudic.

    Think I can handle?
  2. @[member="blazinpersuasion"] my older sister is the biggest wuss on the planet. She has a pinup girl on her ribs, she said it didn't even bother her. My ex has a big tat on her ribs as well, she said it wasn't bad. 
  3. Ribs only seem to bother people ticklish in that area. But relatively painless or so I've heard. I've mainly stuck to the extremities.
  4. It shouldn't be much worse than on your shoulder blade, if any. I have one on my ribs and I didn't find it near as bad as some people make it out to be. But who knows, everyone's different.
  5. This is my rib piece, the out line doesn't hurt it's the shading that hurts. This was a long 2 hours.

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  6. Shading around is quite good it doesn't pain in the rib almost there will be little rib.
  7. Idk what the duck y'all talking about.. But my shit hurt. Got a zombie covering almost my whole side and that shot hurt... Will I get it again? Sure.. But it hurt

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  8. I have a pirate ship on my side and the top bit is on my ribs and that part killed when I was getting it shaded. From my ribs down I was fine.

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