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Rhoto = Mouthwash to the eye

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YourPerception, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I love writing while high, and I just came across a thread for eye it kind of "sparked" my mind.

    I get extreme red eyes (I envy those who smoke and don't get red eyes :devious:), but seriously my eyes get realllly red when I smoke. I smoke often (just about everday), and I go out in public stoned often, so I use Visine and Clear Eyes everytime. I have used lot of Visine and Clear Eyes, but I have bought several Rhoto drops. That stuff seriously feels like an acid. It feels great afterward but here's a funny story here. My brother who is older than I am (he is a former stoner but smokes just on the occasion now due to his job), well I smoked him out one day and he used the Rhoto drops I had with me. He uses the Rhoto drops (you have to remember this is my older brother), and after a few seconds he's like "Dude, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!?!?!" I'm laughing, and he seriously thinks it's like peroxide or something.. He's like "ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME. WHAT IS THIS?!" Right after, I'm like "Dude, it's called Rhoto. That shit is mouth wash for your eye." He basically said fuck that stuff. But, I definitely enjoy Visine or Clear Eyes over Rhotos anyday. My eyes get just as white as with any other solution, but it doesn't feel like I just doused my eyes in Listerine.

    Yeah this is a "cool story bro.." thread, but I'm high whatever.
  2. does the good feeling afterward counter the shitty feeling at first?
  3. Not really. how toke
  4. Dude what I do is I take out my contact lens, put the rhotos drop into the lens and put it back in. It feels like a ballerina on my eyeball.
  5. lol no. Rhoto gets rid of your eyes with a VERY burning feeling, but other red eyes solutions will have the same effect.
  6. I'm not understanding what you said. Explain..
  7. Dude I wear contacts often, and rhotos especially & other solutions suck with contacts :(.
  8. God that shit burns, but my friends swear by it like you think they're puttin god damn holy water in their eyes
  9. Hahah, then you realize "holy water" is the same water everyone has.. :)
  10. Yeah really. They bitched at me tonight when I bought the 97c Wal-Mart eyedrops. I was like damn boys the Crest Advanced Whitening Mouthwash is over there just open it and pour a bit in, same as those Roll-O's or whatever the fuck you guys use
  11. All the same ingredients, just a different name :D. This happens all the time with generic brands.

    The only difference between most generic products is the packaging.

  12. Ahahahhahahaahahaha win

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