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Rhode Island to study marijuana decriminalization

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by NJM, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. $35 an O?!?!?

    Moving to Rhode Island atm.. =] Cya.
  2. why do people always jump on the first number they see? It is a tax aka the weed will cost the same, plus an extra $35
  3. Damn this is great news! Huzzah~
  4. Great step forward. Hopefully no manipulation will take place and it will be a true independent study. :hello:
  5. hopefully rhode island doesn't forget about this bill like massachussetts did with their legalization bills.

    good luck rhode island!
  6. if its legal that tax is worth it, TO ME
  7. Only a 3.5 hour drive to RI!!! Day trip!
  8. even if you bring it back from RI its still going to be illegal in your state
  9. And in 6 months/ 1 year, when RI tells the Feds that decrim has actually HELPED, what bullshit excuse will they use then?

    This is indeed very significant. If you live in RI, try not to fuck up lol. :smoke:
  10. Now that's the key right there, isn't it?

    Show the Feds (and more importantly other states) because cannabis was legalized, Coke, Herion, Meth arrests were up XX%. Drug dealers have been forced into hiding. Street crime down.

    Oh yeah...everybody's happy and having a good time :bongin:
  11. nothing new on this?
  12. Hopefully Rhode Island can get some great results that will push the movement forward. I'm stoked for you guys.
  13. Imagine this happened...

    "In other news...rhode island becomes most peacefull state in America."
  14. I knew there was a reason we have that guy Roger Williams on top of our state house.
  15. yeah, too bad our asshat Governor is a hardcore republican and would never allow it.
  16. Yea true, he's a pretty good fiscal conservative which I like, but his stance on weed pisses me off. He isn't gonna be in office much longer though.
  17. You could always just...kill him?

    Just throwing that out there.
  18. I could support this idea.

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