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Rhode Island Smokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DreamingWeird, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Hey everybody. I'm going to be moving to RI in the beginning of August. I'll be moving to Warwick. I'm currently in Omaha Nebraska.. I just want to know what I should know before moving up there. About everything....including the weed. Thanks!

    If you got that good good, you and I will be good. You good?

  2. Bump?

    If you got that good good, you and I will be good. You good?

  3. ri checking in. pretty good bud around here
  4. I will be moving soon to RI as well....
  5. whats up check your thread bro i gave some pointers. anything other questions let me know i'll see if i can help. ri is a very unique place and has really grown on me the last two years ive been here.
  6. yeah thanks bro. with my job I would me on about a $700 rent bill .. trying to find something within that range... I live in VA and i'm seeking medical bud, so Rhode Island is the closest state that I could have access to. 
  7. yea i split the rent with my girlfriend os its only $500 per month im paying. ou can def find something in a multi family house for $500-$750.
    medical bud is very abundant up here and my stuff comes from a caregiver. i recommend linking up with RIPAC which is a newtowrk of caregivers, patients, and doctors who are mj friendly.

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