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Rhinodanks first indoor harvest may have some questions soon..

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Rhinodank, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. OK so, I just harvested my bluecheese that I've been growing in my closet for awhile now... I have my main colas hanging, and trimmed up, and I have my trim in a shoe box (pretty big size) for my trim to dry in. (Ima shake it every day)

    OK so I wanna do this right this time... As in, properly dry /cure my buds and trim. Last time I did this, I had no clue on how to do it, but now I Believe I got the method down. I have to basically just wait for the colas main stem to snap in 2 right?? Without bending at all before jars? Then when in the jars, I open them for 5 min once a day for the first week...? Thanks to anyone who can clarify!

    also, I got an oscillating fan right below my tops in the second picture on low setting, having air bounce off the corner of my closet, and pass between the tops. The air is moving them a tad, and air feels cool as well. Do I want it to be kind of cold in my closet? Thanks again!

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  2. Bump????

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  3. I don't even use a fan but as long as it's pointed at the wall you're good. As far as curing there are a lot of methods. I don't like waiting until the stem snaps. It's usually too dry at that point. A lot of people including myself dry until the buds feel dry but not crispy and brittle. Then jar it up for a day and when you open them back up the buds should be pretty moist. I like to lay my buds back out so they feel dry like they did before usually 2-5 hours depending on the size of the bud and they go back in the jar dor another day. Then i open them every day for another day or two and after that you can ease up to every two days. What you are doing is drawing the moisture in stem out into the bud slowly over time. I like to leave a little stem when they go into the jars because when the stem snaps they are good to go and only get better with time. Depending on what you want to do with your trim leave it out to dry or put it in the freezer wet. You want it to be relatively cold and low humidity so it dries slowly. I wouldn't get it colder than 60 if you can help it 65 is good for drying. My buds always. Are dry enough for jars jn 3-5 days in the summer where i'm at but it takes a lot longer for some people.
  4. thanks for the reply man! What do the buds usually feel like when you first put them In the jars?? Buds are just not starting to get a TAD crisp on the outsides, but are wet on the inside. I just wanna do this right. What is the reason bud loses smell while drying?? I hope the smell comes back :/ it's starting to fade:c

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  5. After the water evaporates and the chlorophyll breaks down you will get that dank smell back man just takes time

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