Rhino Pro filters help please

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  1. Anyone had experience with these? I'm on my 2nd one now after the first one didn't do its job about 2 weeks into flowering. It's been about 2 weeks and this one just isn't doing the job either. Just wanted to know if others had the same issue with their filters please?
  2. This is how I have it set up IMG_20190708_221248774.jpg
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  3. Do you have negative pressure?
    Often people think it's a problem with the filter when it's not "a carbon filter will only ever work effectively if you have negative pressure"

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  4. You wanna ditch that ducting between the fan & filter & just connect it directly, fan to filter "use a reducer if they are not the same size" like 5 inch fan to 5 inch filter .
    Example, I have a 5 inch fan connected to a 4 inch filter via a reducer " only a fiver online"
    Try that & keep the ducting as straight as possible.
    Like I mentioned before, make sure your extractor fan/ filter is extracting more air in than the cool air coming in. "I assume you have a fan bringing cool air in ?" Or are you venting air in passively through the vents ? Anyways you want slightly more air being extracted out than air being brought in, so you can get negative pressure "walls of your tent should slightly suck inwards"

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  5. I want to tell you to run two filters... but I see some things that may help reduce smell and increase effectiveness of your filter. First couple your filter and fan together as any ducting between filter and fan will definitely be riddled with teeny tiny holes that will allow unscrubbed air to escape directly, letting the smells free. Next get rid of that tape and get either duct tape or hvac tape. These will allow you to seal your exhaust system properly, minimizing escaping smells.
    Lastly, I myself have had smells escaping with 3 different brands of carbon filters. All three have impressed me with how much smell the remove, but none have made it odorless. BUT I feel adding a second filter to each of the exhaust systems would eliminate the odor completely. So I plan on running 3 filters on the exhaust as overkill. Gonna fabricate a sort of air box to run the pulled air through the last two. Good luck tho bud!
  6. Thanks for the advice guys, this is how it looks now. Smell in the room is still lingering but hoping that will disappear now this is fixed together like this. Can't remember if I mentioned but I have a drying box exhausting into the grow tent so the smell can be scrubbed, it was venting right next to the filter but now it's venting into the bottom half of the tent, hoping it'll mix in more with the air and cause less smell in general. Will update if I need more help lol. Thanks everyone for their input! IMG_20190709_123706718.jpg
  7. I went through 2 Rhino pro filters off Ebay both were shit, now I've had a Prima Klima professional from Growell and its lasted 2 years so far with no smell leakage whatsoever until I open the tent which is quite often lol, looks like you did a good job with the tape but you should buy a fast clamp then you know for sure it's not that connection
  8. Everything is holding up well now, no smell anywhere so will see how it plays out

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