rhilo's High Story

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  1. 'Twas a regular Thanksgiving day, all the family ate away.

    I look around the room insolubly, thinking about what today would bring me. I was so tired, I just wanted to get high. So, I go get ready for thanksgiving.

    My cousin comes in and tells me he has some sour diesel, and that I can smoke with him; so we went and sat down and enjoyed two fat blunts. I have a notably low tolerance so this stuff was hitting me hard and I decided to just chill out in a car. So my mom walked by and saw me in there, all smoked up and shit with the rest of my blunt, and my cousin took a nap inside the house, so mind you I was in the car alone. I just ducked down, like a dumbass.


    I sneak out of the car, it felt like I was in there for 2 days. I run as fast as I can into my house, past my mom, past my step dad and brothers- into my room. I locked the door, sat on my bed, and thought about life. I just acted like the biggest idiot in the world.

    The family looked at rhilo, they were booked.

    Present Time

    I'm listening to Tyler, The Creator; laughing my ass off at what I did in the past four hours. I'm still blazin' guys. SWAG! SWAG! PUNCH A -- BITCH!
    Keep smoking guys, stay active on the forums.

    End. :smoke:

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