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  1. Just got the greatest hits CD from them, i must say it's really cool to hear their old songs with their new stuff... I almost forgot what a great band they were! Many great smoking songs too!
  2. gotta love RHCP.

    I love By The Way, in my opinon one of their bests.

    I think I have RHCP best of cd, but it from like 4 years ago, so its really not the best of any more.
  3. Well, this is the 2003 greatest hits, so its not the same one you have haha.. It has 16 tracks, and 2 of them are brand new..
  4. its funny how they put brand new songs on they're greatest hits album..... its either a need to fill up space or just songs that're toatally hyped up by the media....... either way, ya can't take anything away from them..... and in my opinion, under the bridge is still and will always be they're best song, its something you can just never get tierd of..... and the meaning.....oh'... :D
  5. Well, i doubt they needed to fill up space, they have enough songs, you know... but the two new songs, fortune faded, and save the population, are great!
  6. They rule! Fortune faded, give it away and under the bridge are the best songs by them n my opinion.

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