RHCP Fans out there?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by IL_Duce, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. i jst started listening to them and am hooked on the redhot chili peppers, my friend has the Live at Slane castle DVD, and taht is one of the best things to watch when ur token. i like thier new stuff more then their older things, like californiacation and By the way are my favs, does anyone else like them?
  2. hell yeah man i love them

    i think everyone does

    if u liked that dvd then check out off the map
    it too is also really fucking good...Between john and fleas solos you will be so amazed
  3. Flea is the shit, i love his style. He is one of my main bass inspirations.
  4. flea is really good, him and geddy lee are the best bassest ever
  5. I was at Slane, fuck it rocked :D
  6. Blood Sugar Sex Magick was their best CD. I'm not too fond of the newer shit.

  7. You forgot Cliff Burton. He was amazing. Geddy Lee is the shit as well. I was thinking of getting his signature bass.
  8. im a fan of the newer stuff for sure..... not too much of the older stuff.
    first time i did shrooms i watched the video for zephyr song and it blew my mind completely, it was awesome.

    californication rocks.... i havent gotten around to getting by the way yet but i know its a kickass cd
  9. yeah man, the chilis fuckin rock, their dvd on the greatest hits cd is pretty chill to watch when ur baked
  10. the chili peppers rule, John Frusciante is my idol :D i love all the chili pepper albums, seen them twice in concert, and i've seen Mars Volta, they r great but i like the chilis more,
    John and Flea rule, and Flea smokes the herb :smoking: dunno about john.......

    CHILIS RULE!!!!!

    oh btw, john frusciante is a huge inspiration since i play guitar
  11. The geddy lee sig bass is very good. I've got one myself.

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