Rhcp disbanded

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  1. yaap.
    According to chad smith they said they would start working on new stuff in like september.
    But i dunnnoo.
    Either way i don't mind, John Frusciante hasn't come out with a new album in a while.
  2. at least they got one last good album out before it happened. i mean, it's better that they stop now and end on a high note then it is to end due to disintegration of the band and audience.
  3. WHAT?!

    stadium arcadium is the worst album Ive ever heard. damn theyve lost a lot of credibility imo. I used to like them so much and they just disappointed me.

    oh and on the subject of rhcp, read anthony keidis's autobiography Scar Tissue, it's a really good read
  4. i agree 100% with everything this dude said
  5. Ok, now I'm confused. Are you burnttwaffle, or Reggin?
  6. lawlz, burnttwaffle :)

    reggin hasnt posted on my name in a while i dont think, im back

    but, im going away for 5 more days sunday...
  7. disbanded you say?

    there is a god.
  8. I'm a huge RHCP fan, but honestly I'm kind of glad to hear this. They've been together for 25 years, put out 9 studio albums, 43 singles, an EP, 2 box sets, 3 DVDs, plus they've toured the world several times over. I think it's about time they put their energy into something else, and leave the band alone for a while.

    One thing I love about RHCP is that they're always fresh. In my opinion, they haven't put out a single album that was boring or repetitive (although Stadium Arcadium and One Hot Minute both pushed the limits.) Unless they can blow us away again, which is pretty much impossible, then they should just go out on a good note. I'd hate to see them as one of those bands who's still milking what's left of a musical career 20 years after their prime. Now is the perfect time to end it.

    That being said, I look forward to hearing material from some of their new projects.
  9. They were once the best live band in America, imo, although it has been 20 years since they lost that title.

    When Hillel Slovak died, and Jack Irons left the band. (I smoked a joint with Hillel, 4 weeks before his death)

    Since then they have been up and down, mostly down. If you didn't see them before 1988, then you didn't really see the true Peppers. Sorry, young folks, the replacements were never as good as the men they replaced.

    Uplift Mofo Party Plan, was their last great album, to me, the rest sounded very contrived, forced even, as though they were trying harder to sound like they were still the same. Boring.

    But when they were good, they were gods.
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  10. can't stop is an amazing song.
  11. Hate to say that...but that's about the most annoying fucking song I've ever heard.
  12. I have to respectfully disagree... although Hillel was great and I love their first three albums, I think John turned them from a good band to an incredible band. He took it all a step further. Plus Chad is way more talented than Jack. Their best albums are Blood Sugar Sex Magik and Mother's Milk in my opinion.

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  13. My two favorites are Blood sugar sex majik, and californiacation. The fact that he came back from his addiction at Fleas request, and sold THAT many albums, is pretty sick.
  14. I like the songs on those two albums, but due to my being over exposed to them, I suppose I personally felt they should have just changed their name at that point. It was good, but they definitely changed into another band in my mind at that point. If I hadn't met the guys, and hadn't talked with Hillel so close to his death I would feel differently, I guess.

    I disagree on the talent levels, I saw both bands, and I have to say that despite his being more of a workman and less flashy, that Jack was every bit as good. And Hillel taught John a lot of his chops, so if John got to be better, that would be expected. I just like his solo stuff better than anything I've heard out of RHCP since the 90's.

    Anyway, its probable that they aren't going to go away any faster than Aerosmith has, they've broken up and come back so many times.

    Sorry about the annoying song, its really a sentimental thing for me, it's not their best piece, for sure. :eek: What can I say, it reminds of a time and places and people I remembered...Excuse me, gotta go, I think Matlock is starting...:D
  15. I can understand that. They did start to take it in a whole different direction once Hillel passed away... so changing everything up suddenly would have probably seemed wrong. If only I had been old enough to be a fan of their music back in the early days.
    Yeah... well to me a lot of the songs on Mother's Milk sound like they could have been written by Hillel. John learned from him and pretty much idolized him, so it came naturally. "Pretty Little Ditty" is really the first song where he starts to show his own style... and then the whole next album (BSSM) was John Frusciante at his finest.

    I feel pretty certain that if Hillel had lived, the band still would have veered off from their original sound. They wouldn't sound like they do with John of course, but it still would have changed significantly. Like I said, I love their early stuff but it just sounds like it has something else to evolve into.
  16. Phish- Undermine
    The String Cheese Indecent- One Step Closer

    Debatibale- but IMO i think the *real* band is lost in these albums.
    The Grateful Dead- In The Dark
    Pink Floyd- The Divisoin Bell ( i dont care- i love pink floyd, but this album fucking sucks!!!)

    Bands tend to fall apart in the end of thier run. Stadium Arcadium, (though i don't like the album either) was extremely successful, and well received album not only by the public* but by critics aswell.
    I really shouldn't be talking about this though, i never really liked the TRHCP- i was going off what i heard from critics about Stadium Arcadium, but i do feel like, from what i have heard on the album, they could have done much worse. ^ see examples from above.

    *I do understand though, the public tends to over rule the real fans alot of the time.
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    Pretty much my opinion as well. Stadium Arcadium was definitely not their best material. But it's not as bad as One Hot Minute, or final albums by a lot of other great bands. It's listenable... there are a handful of well written songs, a lot of filler, and maybe one or two that are repetitive at worst. What's clear is that the band has grown out of their style. It's become a habit instead of being fresh and new. Better to end it before they end up embarassing themselves.

    The best songs on Stadium Arcadium are Strip My Mind, Hey, Desecration Smile, and Turn It Again... in that order. I wish Anthony would try to rap more like he used to instead of being a normal singer. It's what he does best. The lyrics just don't have the catchy clever quality that they used to. And John should definitely turn up the funk.
  18. Don't worry man, It's not that bad. I needed to get baked, and had some shit goin on, maybe the happy video didnt help haha. Either way man, didnt mean to sound like an asshole and crush your sentimental values. I hate it when people do that:(

  19. Hahaha, that was exactly what I was going to type out until I read your post.

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