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Rezzy Paper

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kingmvp420, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. I was wondering what I can do with the rezzy Paper from j's that I toked. I've saved up quite a few because I thought they might be useful at some point, so is there anything yall do with it? Like could I just put it in my piece and toke? Clearly theirs alot of resin and I can get blazed off it, im just not sure how.

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  2. Just the paper and not the actual full roach?
  3. LOL if you get high off of roach paper then you are a better man than I!
      Fuck I wish I had that kind of tolerance. I smoke my triple R (really resinated roachweed) and throw the paper away.
  4. Yeah, I mean it's insanely rezzy so I feel like their are still triches on it that would get me high.

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  5. #5 SkunkWoodz, Oct 18, 2014
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    eat them when you have a handful for a super awesome edible :hippie:
  6. Absolutely nothing except a bad taste in your mouth

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  7. if you don't have a spare $15 for another gram, it's either time to quit for a while, or I think it's time you get your priorities straightened out
  8. Dude, get more weed. If you can't afford it take a break.

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  9. Smoking paper alone is fucking gross. Doesn't sound good at all. Go get some more green and throw that other junk in the garbage
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  10. Put all the papers between two slices of bread.

    Eat roach sandwich.
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  11. lmfao
  12. Lmao, guy's I'm not tryna look all sleazy and poor, I was just curious if they had any use, I have plenty of flower, I was just trying to get the most out of all that I have :p

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  13.  ahh the connoisseurs (quick hide the mids)
    for some reason i never throw away my roaches. so i had  a lot of resin paper. i used it to clean out the inside of my wax containers. you can coo over your topshelf  but that nasty black paper got me higher than ive been since i started smoking. you could also dig your kief out of your containers grinder etc and wrap it. itll give little pellets that are pretty sweet.  idk im sure there are other otherways...
    lol i just realized that i was the only one to answer the q XD
    lots of pointless noise
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  14. In that case, I retract the comment I made and now say, do your lungs a favor and just
    throw em out.
  15. Haha thank you!

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  16. Haha, thank you very much, this info is actually useful, and doesn't make me sound like a crackhead. :p

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  17. whats wrong with being a crackhead XD (kidding)
    definitely my pleasure. in a wasteful culture, i enjoy seeing someone trying to get the most out of what they have. its a breath of fresh air 
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