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rez shelf life?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VTownG, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. how long does weed rez have to sit around before it loses its thc?
  2. what THC?? :confused:
  3. the shit in weed that makes u fail drug tests?
  4. I wouldn't smoke resin that a
    Shit is pretty bad for your lungs. And I don't think it will lose thc.
  5. depends how much and often you smoke as well as your level of physical activity and metabolism, it can range from 5 days with a high metabolism and not smoking often or up to 30+ days
  6. [quote name='"VTownG"']the shit in weed that makes u fail drug tests?[/quote]

    Lol, that's not THC. Those are metabolites of the THC
  7. Its not resin half-life, its the half-life of thc, which I have no idea but its probably in terms of a year or years. Here is an idea, when you get drug tested and you care about passing dont do shit that will make you fail. Time to buck up and be a man, you might pass or you might not. How are we supposed to know? We don't and we cant because we dont have your piss and a drug test, not that we would want that. Time to get prepared mentally that you might fail, and if you dont you should hopefully learn a lesson from this.
  8. Also half life doesnt mean time is up thc is gone, it means said time has past, half the compound remains. then same time, cut in half again and on and on
  9. Once, whilst on shit luck money wise I scrapped resin that was a good 2 years old and got baked as fuck. SO id say it lasts a while.. And it may not be THC in its pure form but it gets you high :shrug:
  10. If stored properly in an airtight Mason Jar In a Cool Place away from Heat & Light weed can last years & years.

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