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  1. Yesterday as I was going through town I desided to drop by my LHS. I saw a new product on there shelf called "REZ BLOCK". I like to keep my glass on the cleanish side so it peaked my interest. I purchased a bottle of Rez block and a new bubbler to try it out. After two days of hard smoking I must say. My glass is still clear! Enough talk about that now for pretty pictures :3
    As for the greenery the strain is G-13 crossed with a Mango Kush. Pardon the bad quallity my cam just broke. Strain named G-Mango.

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  2. Ive seen this in nug magazine out here in cali, how much of it do you have to use each time.
  3. It says use 1oz of rezblock per 8-12 oz of water. For my bub like 2-4 tablespoons. For a straight tube about half a oz on it. It says on the side how much of the bottle is a oz.

    Also if you use defusion beads this solution compleatly eleminates the need to clean your beads! It is handy for the lazy man.
  4. Wow, I've never seen/ heard of that before.

    I'm gonna check the lhs or online and pick some up, looks like it works pretty well.

    Aside from that, nice nug and new toy haha :smoke:
  5. Two of my friends, one of them a former Miss High Times, swear by this stuff. It wasn't sent to her for free, so I know she's not just hyping it up. I actually visited them a couple nights ago, they had a SOUR which the bottom was clean, but the top was starting to build a slight film of resin. On their HiSi, it was pretty much clear and they haven't changed water in a week.
  6. Wow, you and their site has me sold.

    They have a picture of it in use after 50 bowls and it looks pretty damn good.
  7. When I read the title I thought you were going to show us your block of resin :smoke:
  8. if the rez isnt getting stuck to the glass/diffused in the water. then its going straight to your lungs haha

    clean bubbler =/= destroying lungs
  9. Those pictures are quite deceptive. Look at the bowl on both. Rez-block shouldn't mean that less resin gets stuck on the slide. Always be wary of such marketing/advertising techniques.

    Anyways the stuff really does keep the walls of the bongs clean. I was too stoned to pay attention and see if the resin was maybe floating in the liquid. But my guess is that is kinda dissolves it so instead of chunks of resin floating around you have smaller resin particles in the liquid and some of it probably completely dissolved.

    The smoke is still making contact with the water and leaving behind some tar. Even if not as much filtration is done, you'll still be cooling your hit with the liquid.
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    Or the resin that would be on the side of the bub gets rinsed off into the water when the bubbles brush them.
  11. It's from the same ppl who make 420 jars all there products are bad ass
  12. I'm diggin that bubbler! I like how they did the downstem diffusion too :smoke:
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    I save my blocks of resin to build a resin castle. Via minecraft.
  14. NUG's a awesome magazine!

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