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  1. even so, lets say i am good at DIY... how would one deal with the pH over time? i guess i would need to just test it and see how it adjusts to my tap water w/ my nutrients???

    with that being said, whats your experience with your res and pH over the course of 24-36 hours? does it stabilize? do you need to add pH up or down every day? more then once a day? totally new to all this, typically hand feed. don't mind doing it, but would be nice if i only had to deal with it once every 3 days and just check the readings in the morning and before i go to bed...
  2. you said it, you would just have to take a stab at it and see what your PH does

    when i ran my blumats, i had em hooked up to a 20 rubbermaid tote and would check my PH every other day. if i remember right, it would raise maybe .2-.3 over the course of a couple days. its good to have a slight swing from 5.7-6.1 though

    advanced nutrients PH up/down are the best on the market in my opinion. very powerful stuff. ive been using the same 1L. bottles for damn near 2 years
  3. heres some of that eye candy for yaz


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  4. more for your eye balls

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  5. tothehead amazing as usual dude....what type of nutes are you using these days or are you organic? how often are you watering?

    i cant say ive seen too many better looking plants on the entire internet(srs)
  6. thanx miscbrah, your plants always look killer as well

    im running House & Garden Cocos A/B, roots excel and hydroplex

    in veg i run per gallon: 6ml a/b, 1.1 roots excel

    in flower i run per gallon: 8ml a/b, 1.1 roots excel and 2ml hydroplex

    in veg and early flower i usually water every other day

    in full on flower i TRY to water every day, notice the try is capitalized lol
  7. so youre combining 6ml of a and 6ml of b during veg? just making sure that's what you mean.

    so definitely a lot of low dose feedings huh? looks like it's working great! Ive been considering switching to either canna or house and garden!
  8. yup, always equal parts A and B

    low dose is the way to go, took me a long time to figure that out

    i cringe when i see beginners using a shit load of nutrients, when in reality, you can grow amazing cannabis w/ a good base nutrient and 1, maybe 2 good additives

    ive ran almost every "big name" line out there.... AN, Canna, H&G, Botanicare, General Hydroponics

    also ran all the additive for all those lines, except for the complete AN line cuz its unreal expensive

    if you can get Canna, i would go w/ that over House and Garden. Canna is super clean and all their additives are actually extremely useful and worth every penny. its what i would be using if i didnt have to order it online lol

    House and Garden cocos will rock the shit though dont get me wrong
  9. yeah i feel you, i cant find canna in stores so was thinkin about going amazon for it....might just have to pull the trigger....
  10. Mmm! Dude, you always got the frostiest lookin shit on here man! Kudos bro...! I've been smokin a lot on some Cali king I believe, and OG x Maui... The OG Maui is a great mix! Never had it now... But it's got a real dark skunky pineapple smell, and tastes almost floral pineapples and of course the spicy kush after burn lol...


    The first 2 are the Cali king and the 3rd is the OG Maui!

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  11. good lookin stuff moon

    is that some stuff you picked up? or did you grow it?
  12. Thanks man, but I cannot take credit for that lol... One of my good friends actually grew this stuff. I called out one of his crops being a tad early, and ever since then his shit's been on point!! So one of these days I'm hopping to have a green thumb as strong as yours and my homies!! But until then, I'll always appreciate the bomb!!!

    couple flower room shots

    and a

    few shots of my keeper Grapefruit Diesel ive been runnin for a couple years


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  14. have you always used growbags tot? Decided to just start buying those to save money

    looking awesome as usual!
  15. ive been usin them for a year or so if i had to guess

    ive used everything from smart pots, air pots, nursery pots, white botanicare pots

    they are all about the same and will yeild the same results
  16. i feel you on that, ive played around too now....realize it's really not worth the extra money because by the time the plants would get rootbound enough for it to affect them theyd already be harvested normally

    those 2's?
  17. your 100% right bro

    its hard for people to resist getting caught up in the hype of a product

    everyone goes through it though, i was there at one point

    shit.... i regret naming this thead what i did, since i dont even use the blumats anymore lol

    a few of my bags are 2's, but mostly i try to use 1's. the 1's just fit my space better since i run perpetual on 4, 4x4 tables under 1000's and am always moving plants around. instead of having huge plants, i try to run more small/medium plants

    the 2's are more for if i let a plant get outta control and wanna transplant before i throw that particular plant into flower so it doesnt get root bound
  18. definitely.....i was gunna guess 1's but went against my gut....Im vegging big bushes in 1's and bought 3g's when i think i really only need 2g's....oh well.

    i feel you on the blumats man i know u havent been running it for a minute, and in this subforum there arent a lot of views either.

    Im really torn between H&G coco or going Canna A & B.....both are expensive but both available on amazon....would you still go canna? im about to pull the trigger i think
  19. yeah, i would go Canna

    if you have the cash, id get the entire line

    the only real expensive additive is their Boost, but the shit is supposed to be out of this world as far as bloom boosters go

    (when i ran Canna i used their coco a/b, rhizotonic, cannazym and pk 13/14 and had great results)

    or you could run what i run and save some $$$

    entirely up to you in the end though

    also, whichever you go w/, get the 5L jugs of the base nutes..... its defenitely worth it.

    unless of course your just wanting to try it out, then id get the 1L bottles
  20. Im definitely just going to try them out first....grabbed canna coco A & B, already have drip clean and started using that....for root products i already have Orca and Great White so i skipped on rhizo but got some cannazym. Saw the boost but still have some Hydroplex i can use...

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