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    Dude, no problem man! Those compliments are well deserved on your part.... And that's funny, I used to be a sailor lol!!! That was excellent info.... I don't think I dried my buds out enough.... I hung em for 7 hours. Dark room, no fan filled res half way to keep humidity relative. But now I'm second guessing since you mentioned the dehumidifier.... I've just been burpin them more than normal, and just left them out of the jar cuz I'm smelling more of a pneumonia/ chloraphil smell, and they weren't really crispy when I threw them in the jar. I was just worried about over drying due to work in the am.

    But no mold so far!! Still rank for sure!!! But im thinkin ditch the res, and dry a tad more then continue curing...? Or how would you approach that one head?! I grew in the past and have just started itchin me thumb again!! So much thanks for the input man!!!!

    Anyway, time to toke some killer blue cheese that just came around!!...............


    It smells kinda sweet toothy? but blue!.... And totally tastes like blue cheese + hash.... A.K.A..... Chalked full of gnar!!!!

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  2. thats some nice lookin shit bro, i can see a little bit of the blue hue to em

    so you say you only hung your buds for 7 hours? i hang mine for probably about a week

    my suggestion is to hand em back up, or if their already cut off the stems, lay the buds on a plate or somethin out in the open. dry em til the buds feel a little crispy, then jar em up and open them periodically.

    they should get drier and drier each time you open the jar over the next couple days
  3. Ride on dude! Ive always prided myself in finding bomb genetics ( to smoke!!) and as for the drying, as soon as I saw that, threw em on the plate. Kept the res in there (live in a dry area) and just threw a little fan in the corner facing the wall... And it's starting to make sense, buds are smelling right and they're getting dryer. I just had this weird misconception that it air dried super fast lol!!

    Also, i had some questions about mycorrhizal fungi. I was wondering if it's worth it... I read about it on one of your posts. And I also noticed you try a grip of different nutes. Which is sick, not only have you done your research. But you've done you're experiments as well! Which hell, I'll learn from some wisdom...! Anyway, back to fungi. Do you still use it man? And if so!....

    Does cal mag hurt the fungal biology in the coco? And which kind of ph +&- do you use...
  4. ^^^get some....shit makes so much difference in your plants....Orca or great white are worth every penny and a little goes a long way, so remember that when you see stuff that seems pricey...i know u can find the stuff cheaper
  5. perfect, those buds should dry up real nice

    about the fungi.....

    you can get way without using it, but i find that it gives my roots that extra "edge"

    im using Great White atm. i dust clone roots and transplant holes w/ it. i dont use any exact amount

    ill also mix it in w/ my feed water once every couple weeks in veg and once a week or so into flower

    the fungi will give you so many feeder roots in your root mass that it almost looks like fuzz if you look really close.

    i have no problems using ca/mg. i use magiCal from technaflora @ 2ml/gallon

    as for PH up/dwn, i use advanced nutrients up/dwn. the stuff is the strongest up/dwn you can get. if you go to your grow shop and the sell GH up/dwn and AN up/dwn, pick up a bottle of each and feel how much heavier the AN stuff is than GH. GH is way watered down
  6. dusted w/ Great White and ready 2 rock

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  7. Hell yeah head, good knowledge man! And I love the pics, very helpful!! Hey yo, I saw you dig that mango haze. Did you get the blueberry pop tart pheno yet? And besides ppp, what are your other favorite strains to mess with? You definitely sold me on the ppp and mango haze. Also, I've never heard of rocklock... Did you ever grow that? If so, got any pics? And have you ever heard of lambsbreath by chance? Cuz that shit is killer!!! Anyway man, much appreciated for the input. If you don't mind I'll probably be picking your brain in the future... And whenever I get my setup rollin, I'll be hittin you with pics for sure man!
  8. thanks bro

    mango haze? ive never grown it, maybe your thinkin of someone else

    PPP from Nirvana always treated me well. big commercial yields every time i grew it

    the Rocklock didnt turn out very well. i only ordered 2 seeds from thesingleseedcentre and both of them never germ'd. shitty, but it happens to everyone

    i have heard of Lambsbreath, supposedly some pretty good shit

    favorite strains? ive been running Grapefruit Diesel from Next Generation Seeds for a lil over 2 years. its a wonderful strain. yields well and is a very sturdy plant that can take anything you throw at it

    right now im running that Grapefruit Diesel, GDP, Chemdog, Trainwreck, Northern Light, PurpleBerry BXII
  9. here is one of the PurpleBerry BXII's

    their awfully pretty plants

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  10. Oh my god dude!!! Those are fantastic!! I'm drooling right now....!
  11. thanks guys

    i have a few clones of her, so, depending on how she finishes up i may hang on to her
  12. Dude, You should definitely post pics of finished nugs of her whenever that happens... Cuz I bet she's gonna be all sorts of sexy!!!
  13. girls in dark purple always look good! Absolutely great looking plant.
  14. some shots i took yesterday

    hope yall are doin grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat


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  15. Mmmmmmmm!!! Bravissimo!!!!!!!
  16. What up head?! You haven't posted for a minute, just wonderin how you and your little gurls are doin man...
  17. how often does your pH rise in your res? how often do you check it? if i were to install RO filter, would that stabilize the solution or would it still change over time?

    considering ordering a set of those blumats

  18. not shit bro. just been chillin

    my girls and i are doing great, just havent taken any pics lately

    you missin the eye candy? lol
  19. i dont run the blumats anymore, they werent all they were cracked up to be

    to be honest, i would save my $ and stick to hand watering or maybe a drip system if your good at DIY stuff

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