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ReVolt digital ballasts

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by soxphan29, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Anybody have any info on them/experience with them?

    Just came across it, never heard of it previously. Not really getting any google info on em. I can only find one retailer selling em. However the retailer selling it is claiming it gets a 9% higher par output then cap nextgen and a higher lux reading as well. Test done using EYE Horty. They have a video of it on the site. Keep in mind they also sell nextgen so doesn't seem totally sales driven.

    Not really sure what to make of it. Kind of skeptical. Price is really low. Comes with three year bumper to bumper like most name brands. Looks like a name brand. Just never heard of it. Anybody ever use one?
  2. bump. anybody?

    I just talked to the guy at the store who sells them. He makes it seem as if they are name brand and great but they are the only store I can find them at.
  3. Yeah it would be nice if anyone has tried these setups? I am tossed between this and another at HTG? Any suggestions?
  4. I ordered the 600w revolt. I will let ya know how it turns out. The guy I talked to said it was a great ballast, so we shall see.
  5. nice let me know how it works out for ya
  6. Thinking of picking up a setup for a 1000W that has ReVolt ballast in it on ebay.

    @ zipper09 was yours from Gotham Hydro? If so how was shipping, etc. Are you currently using it?
  7. Yes please post some info !! :) Anxious to hear myself, I was considering picking one of these up as a spare or to use for some testing and tinkering. Price is right at least.

    As far as them being a brand, the case design is basically the same as most of nameless electronic ballasts on ebay. With the exception of the blue color and Re Volt logo id say they are identical, well look to be anyway. So im quite curious to hear the truth or if its a bunch of hogwash :laughing:
  8. Any word on quality or a recommendation on the ReVolts? I'm looking at the 600w Dimmable, and cannot find a sillier ballast at that price point.
  9. Just got my 1000W setup (W/ ReVolt ballast) in the mail yesterday. Setting it up today and finishing up some work on the grow room tomorrow and Thursday. Hope'n to have the whole sha-bang done and ready to place clones in my Bubble-Buckets by the beginning of next week. But still looking around for a shop that has some good clones around here (Colorado) and not get bent over for them...lol

    I'll keep ya'll posted about how the ballast runs and will keep a grow journal on GC as well.
  10. Eh, I just threw my hat into the ring, got the ReVolt 600w kit!
  11. Package (hood/bulbs/ballast) came last week and fired beautifully. The ReVolt ballast ran very cool and quite. Have one more thing to finish on my room (I've been slack'n a bit as of late) and then I should have clones in buckets by mid next week. So hopefully by next week I can report on the ballast after running a longer cycle on it.

  12. Awsome ! Please let me know how you like it

  13. Will do! Just got the shipping notice, so by mid-next week it should be here.
    I've only grown with LED, and I hear rave reviews about MH/HPS, so this should be fun!
  14. you should try this ballast: Solis-Tek 1000W Electronic Dimmable Ballast - Hydroponics Outlet

    We just did a side by side test with phantom, quantum, lumatek, badass, xtrasun and solistek. We measured wattage usage, amp usage, and lumen output.

    the solistek has the best amp to lumen output ratio. It also doesnt have a fan which is really nice. [​IMG]

    any thoughts?
  15. I have been trying to figure out which to use myself. My bro got a Lumatek awhile ago and its pretty impressive, quiet, no heat no fan either. Its just expensive I saw someone else talking about the Acme ballasts. They are 320$ with a HPS and a MH bulb included and free shipping. Any other ones beat that price?
  16. Lumatek, SolisTek... You guys are talking gourmet ballasts. One day, I'll only have the top of the line stuff... But for now eBay's most affordable it is! The ReVolt is supposed to be no fan as well, the 600w ballast had a better output than the CAP Nextgen 600w supposedly. Time will tell, for now, I just want it to...

    1. Get here
    2. Ignite & fire up the lamp (and not kill lamps on an excessive basis)
    3. Last a good 18 months at least...
    4. Hurry up and get here

    Woah! Those ACME ballasts look crazy, badass! Way to really utilize the body as the heat sink. Quite a warranty too! Keep in mind though cord, socket & reflector are all extra.

    Still though, anytime I think of an "ACME" product, I think of the desert, a roadrunner, a coyote, and a huge explosion. :smoke:
  17. I have been running my ReVolt ballast for almost two weeks now with no complaints. It is a 1000w digital, runs super quite and cool. Mine does have a fan...not sure if that is just on the 1000w models or what. I do believe (will have to go back and look at my paper work) the ReVolts come with a 3yr warranty.
  18. My 600w has a fan as well. This has been a great ballast and light that came with the kit. Almost done with flower (1 more week) and have had absolutely no problems with this kit!!! I would recommend it to anyone! Results speak for themselves! Check my journal!

  19. Awesome to hear, as mine should be delivered Thursday!

    I stand corrected on the fan item, I reread the specs. and had misunderstood the first time around.

    Your LST journal is great BTW! The lighting looks like it kicked booty!
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    Thanks! It's been a fun grow!! The next will be even better!!

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