Reviving Dead Plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by WillGtl, May 10, 2006.

  1. Around July when I was growing outdoors, I was growing 8 or 9 plants in a very large pot, using Miracle Grow. For safety reasons I set up a silent alarm to sound when somebody opened the wooden gate to get into where I was growing. The alarm was tripped a few times, so before I could harvest I had to get rid of the plants.

    It was August when I did this. I cut all the plants, leaving around 1' to 1' 6" of the main stem above the soil, they have been sitting there all through the snowy cold winter.

    Is there any way to revive them? I can't get seeds and I never made clones, so I was wondering if the old plants are still useable at all.

  2. Today I dug up one of the plants, they are all bone dry, even though the old fertilizer is moist, probably the weeds that started growing in it sucked up all the nutrients.

    I took the plant I dug up soaked the root in cold water, and sprayed some cold water all over the plant, then I dug a hole in the ground where plenty of sunlight will hit it and put it there, and I put about 1/2c of water in the soil around it. The hole I put it in was around 3" deep.

    Will this work at all, or am I just wasting my time?
  3. nope. they are pretty much just mini tree stumps now. sorry, bro. why can't you get seeds?
  4. Probably cause he lives in the US and doesnt wanna risk it....
  5. just get some bag seed
  6. All of the bud around here is dank, no seeds whatsoever.

    I can't get seeds also cause I live in the US and i've dealt with U.S. Customs before for similiar incidents.
  7. I'm sure that if you specifically ask for mids or schwag with seeds you could get ahold of some... as for customs, I understand. I'm worried one of my orders has been seized by customs as we speak. I'd like to hear what happened with you. could you private message me and tell me what happened? i'd appreciate it.
  8. I ordered around 30 high quality seeds straight from Amsterdam 2 years ago, got screened by U.S. Customs and somehow they found out it was marijuana seeds, and confiscated them and sent me a letter stating that they have confiscated it, and some legal crap. But I didn't have to go to court or show up for any hearings. My guess is the first offense is basically a warning.

    So I don't want to risk getting busted again.

    Anybody know of a reliable US-based seed outlet?

    The only shwagg and mids around here are from the cheap bums and mini-gangsters which most will rob you, or just sell you fake bud.
  9. what was the "legal crap"? what did you have to do? did you ever have anyone visit you? I'd be (and possibly might have to be soon) paranoid as fuck about someone catching me growing if customs caught my seeds...
  10. Glad I grow in liberal Spain.
  11. The "legal crap" was like federal & state laws I've broken, code violations, ect., no one visited me over this, but I bet Customs was keeping an eye on me after that.
  12. they cant do anything to you for recieving seeds in ur mail...

    think about it i could just send sum1 i dont like a whole load of seeds in the post and watch em get in shit?? dont think so...

    the problems arise when u send ur seeds 2 the same place ur grow is and u get raided!

  13. I do sympathise with your loss.

    Send me your name and address and I will send you some seeds for free!!!
  14. Is this plant still alive??????[​IMG]

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