Revised Valium Question

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr. Bunglesmith, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. So my sister has a prescription for valium and she says it doesn't do anything to help the problem it was prescribed for. She's very anti-drug (she like millions of others believes the lies and deciet that the government tells us, and is completly brainwashed), and so she will probably just throw them away. I don't want to let a good hing go to waste, so I intend to use them. The bottle says Diazepam 2 mg, so it's a pretty small dosage, and I was just wondering how many to take for a good high. I was also wondering what said high will be like. All responses appreciated! Thanks!
  2. You'll want 10mg-30mg depending on the desired effect. I don't know what's in the 2mg since I've only seen 5's and 10's. May want to check what the filler is before taking that many.
  3. i already answered this yesterday, start with 8-10mgs

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