Revised Grow Plan - Need Help! (Links)

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  1. Budget - $800

    Grow Type
    - SCROG
    Strain - Not sure. Indica Dom
    Grow Tent - 2 x 2 x 4 Cool Grows (Link)
    Grow Medium - Need help here. I wanna do soil. At the moment I have this ready to order. Pro Mix w/ Mycorrhizae (Link)
    Nutes & Additive - General Hydroponics pH Kit (Link) | Advanced Nutrients B52 Fert Booser (Link) | Hoffman Perlite (Link)
    Fans/Filter - Prime Garden 6" Inline Fan Carbon Filter Ducting Combo + Fan Speed Controller + Hygrometer Thermometer + 24hr Timer Outlet (Link)
    Lighting - I need help here as well. Ive been back and forth and back again! Im leaning towards a Quantum Board. For 2 plants, Im not sure if (1) 260W Kit would suffice - or - get (2) 100W boards for better coverage?

    The 6" fan is a little overkill, but I figured I could use it once I upgrade in the future.
    I want LED due to longevity and heat issues

    Thoughts please

  2. I have the HLG 260watt quantum board in my tent and it is MORE than enough. 3000K spectrum will take your plants from seed to harvest. If you get the 100watt boards, you won’t be able to dim your board but the 260 is dimmable. This will help when growing sensitive seedlings.

    With that size tent, I’d go with a 4” 200 CFM fan. 6” May be overkill for that space. Be sure to get a variable speed fan. The 4” fans are often quieter than the 6” fans anyway. This is the one I just purchased: Hydroplanet™ 4-Inch 210 CFM Hydroponic 4inch 6inch 8inch Booster Duct Inline Fan with Built-In Free Variable Speed Controller (4inch)

    Also get a good digital PH reader for $20.

    Do you plan on growing autos or photoperiod plants?

    I have a cool grows tent. I like it a lot.

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  3. How do I calculate how much CFM the same combo as mine, but in 4"?

    You not running a carbon filter?

    I plan on doing just fem seeds so I can clone
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    I'm trying to find the page I found it in, but there was someone very familiar with carbon air filtering who suggested for most of these carbon filters you don't want to overrun the carbon in the filter causing smells to escape by. I have a small tent, roughly 2.5 ft x 3 ft x 40 inches tall and I figured up I wanted ten air exchanges for my filter. I experimented quite a bit from there. Long story short, I have a 170cfm fan with a fan controller on it, the fan is slowed down as much as the controller can go. It just barely puts negative pressure on the tent and draws across the filter slow enough to maximize it's ability. There is zero smell and it moves enough air to keep the timber 2vl light cool (not that it gets that hot anyway)

    I wish I could find the site, there were formulas worked out for various granule sizes of carbon as to what flow rates work best. Of course unless you have some way to check the flow out of your ducts it becomes less scientific and more estimating but it's better than nothing. With my fan turned all the way up my filter does almost nothing. Find a way to test your setup too, with something aromatic.

    I think a 4 inch fan will do you well. As for the QBs I don't have any experience with those but there are people here who do. They are definitely a good choice either way. I think more area would be better, so maybe the 2x 100 but that's just a guess.
  5. Appreciate the help man! I just didnt know which side I should play with the carbon, but Im still reading everyday and such. My initial thought was get a bigger fan than you need and you can dial it back some if need be. But I know the way some things work, you'd wanna be on the money or a little low versus too much.

    Yea, about the QB, I plan on doing 2 plants and go from there. I need to figure out how much surface area that 260W can cover or would (2) 100 kinda angled from tops of the grow.
  6. If you do upsize anything, get a larger carbon filter. That way if you need to crank up the fan, you're safe on smell.

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