Review:VORTEX vs CAN FAN, VORTEX vs Valueline Fan,Valueline Fan VS mAX FAN.

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    [ame=]YouTube - Vortex vs. Can fan[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Vortex Fan VS Valuline Fan- THE 8" Tug of the Titans![/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - 8" MAX FAN VS 8" Valueline Fan - Test & Review[/ame]

    Prices: Max fan 6"- 334CMF $150, CAN fan 6"- 270CFM $149 /440CFM $180, VORTEX fan 449CMF $155 ,C.A.P. VALUELINE fan 6" $85

    In 2 out of 3 videos Vortex fan did not perform as well as CAN fan and C.A.P. fan.
    In 2 out of 3 videos C.A.P. performed better than MAX and VORTEX fans.

    Can you guys leave your reviews on those fans :pros/Cons (sound,vibration...)
    Thank you.
  2. This has got to be the most retarded test you can ever see. This test proves NOTHING! A fan is rated by power consumption and how quite it is. If both fans does 700 cfm it's doing its job. Now where you spend the extra money is how much power you are going to use and if you can sleep at night with a loud ass fan blowing without a muffler.
  3. value line are loud, it sounds like a jet aircraft. the vortex is much quieter i had to make a silencer for my valueline. overall the valueline sucks more than just air. follow the cfm ratings they are acurate. they are all the same basic design. the difference between the various manufatures is how well they ballance them and how good the barings are.
  4. ^ what he said!
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    I wish that along with CFMs they (sellers) provide consumers with info on number of decibels for each fan...
    Performance is one thing but quietness is also not less important...
  6. The only eight inch fan there is the MAX fan. It is truly eight inches in diameter at it's widest point. All the others are bigger fans with eight inch flange mounts. Just something to consider. If you actually put a MAX fan with blades the size of those other fans, it would probably blow them away.

    @RO76 - MAX fans do have some kind of noise rating for their larger fans, but I'm not sure what size they start providing that info.
  7. Canfan Specs

    Check the column on the far right, Sones. A sone is a relative measure of loudness, doubling the number of sones sounds like twice as loud to the human ear. This is how they rate bathroom fan loudness as well. Normal conversations take place at 1-4 sones.

    I own a Can Fan 4" normal output, its rated for 4 sones and I can tell you that it's pretty damn quiet. I'm always impressed with how little noise it makes for how much air it moves.
  8. Thanks for posting this:smoke:
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    I think the CAN FAN is the way to go(for me). Much powerful than most of the fans with same cfm ratings and according to some reviews not as loud as many other fans. The only downside is price,can fan is probably the most expensive. Vortex will be on the second place in my list. Slightly cheaper than can fans,slightly less powerful(according to the videos) and slightly louder...
    P.S. CAN fans are also have different CFM rating for the same (outtake/intake) size, witch also adds some flexibility .

  10. In that case the can fan still wins, its quieter and uses less power then the
    other fans while still doing this.

    and FYI it proves everything, it means can-fan can pull harder through
    duct and filtration with less CFM/power loss then the other fans
    use your head and stop trolling.

  11. the 8" is accurate, it refers to the flange size
    8" fans, regardless of its center, are for 8" ducting systems.
    you just got to know what the number is for

    -> nowhere do they say "the fan is 8" in diameter"
    if you look, they specifically state its for the connections.
  12. I own a 6" Vortex fan attached to a Can 33 filter. It is pretty loud. If you were trying keep your grow stealthy, Vortex fans are not for you!
    I have considered adding a muffler but it just seems like MORE money for no value!


  13. So go buy a huge fan and stick an eight inch reducer on it. I judge the size of a fan by the size of the blades, not the mounts, as these can be changed. By your definition, any fan can be an eight inch fan.

    I was merely pointing out that the max fan is the only fan with eight inch blades.

    They are all loud and they all move enough air to cool my lights, so I don't really care.

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