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    They're better. Awesome customer service, awesome response time, free high quality seeds with every order, and very fast shipping (2-3 business days shipping) Ordered on the 4th got it by the 7th.
    I'd definitely recommend them and say they're trustworthy and you should definitely consider them in case you need any seeds.
    It's my 4th time ordering from them, the first couple of times were smooth but the 3rd got seized by the customs and i got a note from the customs that it was captured at the airport and basically I was depressed as fuck. I showed them the actual government note, and they decided to give me a discount voucher for 38 euros which basically were used to purchase the following:
    5x Barny's Farm LSD Feminized seeds. (24% THC)
    Due to their professionality, I will use them again for sure.


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