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  1. Okay. I bought some I-tal Hempwick. Why? Because I wanted, what I heard was a safer smoke than using butane from a lighter. I'm not sure if it really is healthier, but I can tell you about the convenience issues. It is not nearly as convenient as using a lighter. When you light the end of the hempwick it burns entirely too fast. The quickness to how it burns leads to some safety issues too. It just keeps on burning closer and closer to my hand. It doesn't stop burning like if you take your hold off of the lighter. You have to blow it out, and the smoke that comes off of the wick smells like a candle or match getting blown out. I could accidentally drop it and cause my carpet, papers, clothes, w/e to catch on fire. If you're a health freak like I am though you would use it, regardless of the inconveniences. I know smoking isn't healthy either so that's why I sometimes use a vape. Hope this gives you good insight on the hempwick. Peace.
  2. That's weird man, I bought the stuff and absolutely love it. I found if you rotate the rest of the wick you can get the flame to burn as quick or as slow as you like. Though, I do agree that it is a pain in the ass to put out sometimes.
  3. the first time I bought hempwick I was sure it was a novelty and when I ran out of it, that would be it.

    now, when I notice its getting low, I replace it before it runs out.

    I've grown to like it a lot. (even got a few friends using it)

    as far as use and some of the issues youre having. just bear with it and you'll find a technique that'll work for you.

    often times I put out my wick simply by pushing it into my slide.

    I wonder about the so called health benefits myself. I would think its better than butane but really who knows.
    the control I have over the flame is really the thing I like the most.

    I'm definitely with you on the convenience thing,
    when I'm out and about, there's a lighter in my pocket not wick.
    but if I'm in my cave or over a friends relaxing then we're burning more than 1 kind of rope :smoking:
  4. Did you read the little package/paper? It says to tilt it to control the flame. Holding it flame up makes it burn the slowest... flame down and it will burn the whole wick quickly. Try holding it as close to vertical as possible with the flame up and use your lungs to pull the flame to the bowl from the side of the bowl. Then put it out immediately.
  5. I usually use bee-line or some other hemp wick, but I picked up a pack of I-tal at my LHS a few days ago, and I won't be doing that again. The wick won't stick to anything (I usually wrap my bee-line around my lighter) it burns too fast (no matter which way you hold it, I'm familiar with using wicks) it frays badly at the end you're burning and the smoke it puts off when you put it out is more than any other wick I've seen.

    I've got about three feet left, and I don't plan on trying to use any more of it. Just using my lighter untill I can snag a better brand.
  6. So are you saying that beeline sticks to a lighter just by wrapping it... no knot necessary? All that means is there is more wax but I never knew it could do that. There definitely is very little wax on I-tal. That's probably why it might burn faster if it actually does. If you let it touch things it will pick up filth and put down wax until there is hardly any left. That's why I don't wrap my lighter at all.
  7. never tried i tal they have it at my headhshop but if my headshop had beeline i'd get beeline i heard to much rants on this I-tal bullshit.
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    Yeah me too... but I like it. Either Beeline is just amazingly awesome beyond belief, they're exaggerating a lot (most likely) or these people don't know how to use a wick. That's the only way I can see these anti-Ital posts being true, no exaggeration. I use I-tal daily and don't have any problems. The first time I used it I went through it quickly because I didn't know how to hold it and didn't know I had to put it out between hits. Now it works fine... no bad taste and it doesn't burn up too quickly to serve it's purpose well. All the other comments about it are irrelevant to its purpose and only matter to the people who prefer how other wicks behave.
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    Most people wrap it around their lighters, since the wick is waxy, just hold the wick tight on the lighter for a few seconds and it sticks. It's very convenient that way.

    I don't like the smoke that comes off, but you can just pinch it out so that it goes right out with no extra smoke.

    Try using only the wick for about a week, then use a regular lighter. You will notice a HUGE difference in taste. if all you know is butane flames then you obviously won't notice the taste immediatly.

    Edit: btw for some reason I don't know, Ital and Beeline smell/taste different. I prefer Beeline personally, that's what I used before trying the Ital

  10. Yup, it does.

    That's not bee-line or I-tal, it's another brand that came with a tube I ordered from chicokush, I already threw away the label, but I wish I didn't because this is as good as bee-line.

    And like I said, I know how to use a wick, I use one almost every time I burn at home and have been for a while now. It's not that bee-line is super duper great either, just that I-tal is pretty terrible.Have you ever used another type of wick sinsemilla?
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    I wonder if the difference in taste is caused by differences in the wax used, hemp or both. I'd imagine it's both. Maybe beeline is that chronic hemp... and I-tal is just mids... lol. :laughing:

    I get it... I need to try Beeline.. but I still kinda feel like I won't think I-tal is as awful as some have said. It tastes so good and fragrant to me... like not just the weed but the actual wick. Maybe I just don't have a proper range of wicks to make comparisons.. anything is better than butane.

    Not one with a brand name. I've used some homemade stuff. Didn't notice a notable difference other than it was different. :p You know what I mean right? Like the difference between Honda and an Acura... different but still really the same.

    BTW my comment about using a wick was never for you man... This I-tal sucks, tastes nasty, is terrible thing has popped up a couple of times now so I meant to speak to the OP and the whole topic at once.. my bad. Like many men, I don't like being given instructions I've already learned either. :p
  12. No worries sinse, I'm glad to see you're trying beeline though. If I were doing a comparison I would use exclusively bee-line for a few days then switch to I-tal again, sometimes the difference can be so subtle that it takes a while to recognize.

    Let us know what you think!
  13. i havent had any problems with i-tal, either. its my first wick and it was all the store had, but its worked great. and it did wrap around my lighter with no knot or anything, but i stopped doing that just cuz i got grossed out thinking about all the dead skin and sweat and crap that it was collecting while on my lighter haha
    i just lost my sense of smell in march and my taste is consequently fucked up, so i dont notice any smell from the wick, obviously, and its hard to notice any taste differences b/c i only ever tried it after this happened to me.

    i'll probably try a new brand next time, just for comparison, but i'm happy with i-tal
  14. bee line is the dank wick because its made in the usa. ital is trash because its made in china
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    Bongrips4life has informed the best. And this clearly impacts my decision on what I will buy, sell and most importantly use personally. Cheers bro. USA
  16. I use I-Tal hempwick whenever I smoke. As I've not had any experience with Beeline, I can't offer a comparison, but I'd urge you folk who use lighters to consider using hempwick; it tastes so much cleaner. Snuffing out the end of the hemp line can be fussy until you get the hang of it. A worthwhile purchase in my book.
  17. I use the I tal just because that's all my lhs supplys. I do notice a better taste it my flower but the smell of the smoke from flicking out flame is definitely noticeable. I wasn't as thrilled w the it as id hoped but I haven't used a beeline yet which I heard is organic.

    I did run and get a glass heating rod tho when I felt a little dissatisfied w the I tal!!!! Soo delicious
  18. I ordered one of these the other day.

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