Review Of Spacecase 4-Piece Titanium Grinder

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  1. Alrighty, don't know if there's a specific place for reviews but if necessary, moderators, please move if necessary!

    So I recently bought this grinder off the internet. The listed price is roughly $70 - I will post a link at the end of this post in case anyone is interested.



    Very happy with the shipping. Arrived on time and I can see how it's packed for shipping that the seller values their product. On arrival, nothing was damaged and looked beautiful:

    Beautiful black color, glossy, with "SPACECASE" printed on the top with "made in the USA" etched along the bottom (as seen). Product is very very tight and beautiful. The design is like most grinders with exception to mendo mulchers that have a sort of "inner" design. If you've ever seen one you know what I mean. The big and most vital difference between this grinder and a cheap(er) $25 one is straight up the quality. Every piece fits precisely and I really love the black finish across the product.

    The grinder has a number of teeth as seen in the picture below. My friend bought a $20 grinder so I'm glad I can compare the two. The spacecase has a number of teeth and they are literally sharp to the touch - not something you get with $20. The holes are the perfect size for me.

    Just by the look and construction of this I was very pleased! Now for what it's actually used for..

    Got a bit of material to grind up 1371444728188.jpg

    I place the material in the top most part of the grinder 1371444757468.jpg

    Given I don't have much in there.. But the grind was simply phenomenal. But 2 twists later this is how the material ended up

    Very consistent grind across the board.

    Alright so for me, living in my parents house, smell is key. After grinding the scent was obviously very strong haha. I snap the top on (magnetic - very strong I might add), chill for a little and pick it up and kinda smell around. Nothing. Literally holding it up to my nose I can very very faintly smell anything. Unfortunately I never smelled my friend's $20 grinder so I can't compare in that regard but I'm very very happy with the smell (or lack thereof!)

    -perfect size (medium @ 2.5" diameter)
    -beautiful black, glossy coating
    -simplicity in the grind
    -uniform grind
    -lost of kief buildup
    -strong magnet


    other than that, no other cons! Very solid product that will last me forever.

    Additionally I'd like to add that over time after this first grind, a lot more kief fell into the bottom compartment.

    I would definitely recommend this to everyone, especially if you're a heavy smoker! Makes packing and smerkin berrls (workaholics anyone?!) a ton easier.
    If you're looking to buy, here's the link!

    If you can afford it, buy it now. :lol:

  2. I bought the small version of the one you got. Looking forward to using it when it arrives! I don't smoke heavily so it should be nice for grinding enough for a single J or a bowl.
  3. Excellent review man :) I love the space case and regret losing mine . I'm thinking of getting the Ti version listed here or a Santa Cruz Shredder. Not sure which ill go with the but the space case is cheaper and i already know they work wonders .
    Anyways , thanks again :D
  4. Nice! Enjoy!
  5. My space case titanium 4 piece's teeth are chipping and fraying. Bought it at a authorized retailer too, not happy, used for about 6 months before it started shitting the bed, hpoe your grinder doesnt have the same problems mine does...
  6. That sucks. I do not believe the titanium coating is very effective.

    The best pieces on the market are green shark grinder, Santa Cruz shredder & Mama P's. look into those units, you'll be happy you did.
    You should have a lifetime warranty on it.
  8. True. It's a manufacturer defect, so they should send you a new one.
    yeah ill be purchasing a santa cruz shredder ASAP, theyre website helped convince me, seems like they put some research into their prduct. Also its good to know i can contact them unlike space case, whom has no website, facebook, or any contact information on the web
    What authorized retailer did you buy it from?   If, in fact, they are authorized, send it back for warranty replacement.
    Puffitup dot comm . Theyre a big vaporizer site, great customer service, I dont know why I havent emailed them about it, but on the description of the space case it says nothing regarding a warranty, so ill shoot them an email, worst they can say is no
    Ah, I know the owner, Randy very well.   He WILL take care of you.    All you need to do is ask.
  13. Great website!
  14. That's convenient.

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