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REVIEW: "Liquid Honey" kingpin bluntwrap

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by crasstastic, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. well for starters, they come in a tube like this: [​IMG]

    i was expecting it to be a little cigar, not an actual wrap.

    I gotta say I was disappointed with these wraps, considering i'm a big fan of their regular blunts. anyways, i opened up this liquid honey and it was a bit dry, it started to break a little as i was closing it up. the flavor didn't show in the smoke, which tasted like an ordinary kingpin. left a slight honey taste on my lips from the wrap, but nothing amazing. I gotta recommend against this product as you can get a better blunt from kingpin. I don't know about the other flavors of their wraps, however. I had a maple but it tore BADLY, got too dry cause i realized i didn't have enough bud broken up (as stated above, was expecting a cigar not a wrap).

    As I successfully roll other blunts i'll give my reviews. my next attempts will be



    I suck at rolling from wraps, but wraps have some of the most intense flavors compared to peach optimos and grape swishers/ etc
  2. That's shitty man. I'm White Owl till death for blunts (99cent tubes always fresh). Blunt wraps I go Royal Blunts, but I prefer the white owl.

    I like cigars more than blunt wraps. Just a personal preference.
  3. Platinum wraps are good..
  4. Green games are what I love.
  5. in the crunk words of lil jon "yeeeeaaahhhhh" white owls fo life. "oakaaay":yay:
  6. vanilla dutch is the way to go
  7. on the occasion that i smoke a blunt it would be a grape muthafuckin swisha
  8. I didn't know they made vanilla dutches! that sounds sick as hell!:smoke:
  9. Platinum wraps are the shit. Me and my friends used to smoke them all the time, definitely a ton of flavor in them.
  10. dutch and platinum for life mannn

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