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  1. I bought one of these a while back for my first hydroponic adventures.

    Just thought I'd tell you guys some of the things I like and don't like about the system now that I've tried growing MJ in it.

    First off, all my plants grew fast and plush in this system. The water pump providing nutrient solution to the bottom of the rockwool cubes helped the roots grow down in to the reservoir with serious quickness.

    However, solids always seem to form in my nutrient solution, perhaps because temperature control isn't good for my grow room and the nutes get too warm in the middle of the day then cool at night. anyway, it doesn't take more than one or two little grainy solid pieces to clog the distribution points on the irrigation hub which can starve plants if you're not paying attention early on. The hub is also a pain in the ass to clean and mine always leaked after i took it apart to clean the first time.

    Another negative is that all the plants share the same reservoir, so once the roots grow down into the solution they get all tangled up with each other. Not a big deal if you plan to grow to completion in this system, but if you wanted to transplant to finish outdoors or something, i'm not sure you could get roots untangled without severely injuring them.

    Also, the net cups are too close together for MJ. Perhaps they work well with other plants, but my MJ plants are all crowded and overgrowing each other fighting for light, even when they are still very small. Combined with fluorescent lights that are known not to penetrate well through the leaf canopy, I think more space is definitely needed.

    I've used the Dual Spectrum 65 as well as the Dual Spectrum II lights and I really like them alot. The plants keep short internode distances and grow like crazy as long as you keep these bulbs within 6" or so from the tops. Leaves that are lower on the plant and leaves that sprawl wide from the plant turn very dark green and grow very large though to compensate for getting much less light than the tops.

    There is very little heat generated by these lights and very low overall energy consumption. Maybe slightly higher than a small aquarium.

    The nutes provided with this system didn't stay dissolved as well as the General Hydroponics Flora series I'm using now. I still haven't quite got the hang of judging what nutrient strength the plants can accept with either nutrient type. I've burned plants slightly with both and had to dilute with more water to stop the burning.

    Also, making adjustments has been difficult with this setup. For example, changing the nutrient solution. You can buy a drain plug for the bottom of the reservoir, but unless you have a lower elevation point to drain to nearby it doesn't do much good. This reservoir is a pain to to lift or carry when it is even half full (6 gallons is full). You can't rearrange your plants easilly to give smaller ones more light because all the net pots are in the same lid and use the same reservoir. I've settled for just rotating the entire reservoir under the lights, but wish I could move the plants individually. Working around the roots to clean the reservoir, water pump, distribution hub and irrigation lines is a major pain too. I've ended up buying another similar sized tub from the local discount store and i mix my new nutes in it and just move the lid with the plants over when I'm ready and hook up all the air/water lines all over again in the new reservoir. Then I clean the dirty reservoir and repeat for the next swap out.

    I think for my next hydro grow I will build small (2-3 gallon) bubble buckets instead. That will eliminate the entire irrigation pump system with all the clogging problems etc, and solve all my intermingling roots, spacing problems, and difficulty rearranging plants in my grow room I hope. I have a very short grow room anyway (3 ft) and this bubbleponics reservoir is around 1.5 ft. tall. I can get more grow room with shorter bubble buckets...

    Anyway, hope this is helpful for someone :rolleyes:
  2. I just started my grow and I was thinking that theses are the problems i'm going to run into. I'm not going to veg for very long because I know the space is very small.
    Maybe I'll take out the middle 2 if there doesn't seem to be enough room but I had thought I'd go for more of a SOG grow now. next time I really want bubble buckets.
  3. yah, i have 6 in mine that are all 8" or so, i really don't think they'll get enough light or space if they get much bigger. I went to 12/12 lighting about a week ago and there was a noticeable initial stretch and now they don't seem to be getting much bigger so I'm hopeful. They aren't into flowering enough to show sex yet (with the nekkid eye) so they have a ways to go yet. Next hydro grow I plan to have only 2-3 plants and growing them longer with bubble buckets and screen of green I think. Maybe even from clones from this grow :D
  4. mine just came in the mail. i'm doing it with the 315watt cfl lightbank and flora series nutes. so from your experiences do you think i would be better off doing three plants or do 6 and just flower em quick? thanks
  5. i have very restricted space in my grow room, so i have to flower them quick. if you have the space to LST them out away from each other, i would definitely go that route and grow them as big as you want or as your space will allow. if you plan to grow them straight up with no training, then yes you'll want to flower them quick. you'll see when they start crowding...

    i'm jealous of your light bank, it puts out a hell of alot of light for flourescents! can't wait to hear your review of that.

    the roots will tangle up with each other no matter what i imagine. i would be interested in hearing whether other folks experience frequent clogging in the irrigation hub like i did, but after the roots grow down into the resevoir it doesn't matter much. you could probably just turn the water pump off at that point but i leave mine on for whatever small benefit it may provide.
  6. i'm about to start a grow log thread over in the log section. i'll post the link in this thread. i set everything up tonight and i have 6 top44 seeds in my rockwool cubes.
  7. "However, solids always seem to form in my nutrient solution, perhaps because temperature control isn't good for my grow room and the nutes get too warm in the middle of the day then cool at night. anyway, it doesn't take more than one or two little grainy solid pieces to clog the distribution points on the irrigation hub which can starve plants if you're not paying attention early on. The hub is also a pain in the ass to clean and mine always leaked after i took it apart to clean the first time."

    Are you keeping the bubbles on 24/7? I built my own bubbleponics system, for everyone else, as well, you have to keep the bubbles on 24/7. If not its like sticking your plants in a cup of plain water, they will drown without O2. Also you should have enough bubbles to create a constant current to prevent the solids, from my experience. Now I have two huge bubble strips and 2x 40gallon pumps and my tank is way less then 80 gallons :D. I also have two types of bubble strips, one makes fizzy bubbles, and one produces medium sized bubbles. This is my first time doing it this way so we will see what, if anything, changes.

  8. interesting, its better to get a 4 outlet air pump w/2 diff oxy diffuser stones instead of adding an irrigation hub/tube to each bubbleboy bucket? i plan on transfering SH bubbleponic vegs to these
  9. I have something to post... And I will post it all over the web, until my problem is resolved.

    Look at my order:

    So. I paid over 50% in shipping charges, and guess what? I had to pay customs at the door, which was another 30$. I figured that it was ok, considering I thought I had all my product...

    So I go to open the box, i find the water pump, dig, rockwool cubes, hydroton rocks, net pots, and I found the Iguana juice "Bloom"

    What was missing? 1L Final Phase, and 1L Iguana Juice "Grow". I thought it's possible customs officer took it, but what would he do with 1L FP and 1L IJ Grow? He would need the bloom too... So I figure they didn't even send it.

    At first I thought I could at least start while they ship the others, but then I realized that the missing part was the GROW and not the BLOOM.

    So, I can't even start, because the BLOOM is for flowering, not vegetative stage.

    I am so pissed off, I have opened a support ticket. I will keep everyone posted, but from what I have read (reviews found with google) I might be SOL... They may just claim they did send it, and then there is nothing I can do.

    DO NOT order from SH as they don't seem to care about shipping their product... I read someone recieved used lights from SH and they claimed it was new... Then they made the buyer pay the return shipping just to get a refund....

    Well, when the shipping cost is half the cost of the order, if you send it back its basically like you paid $400 for nothing... Considering the cost of the shipping and the order, if something is wrong your SOL and might as well keep what you get - unless you want to pay the other 50% to ship it back, but then you just basically gave them $400.

    They better send me my missing product.... I requested a refund on shipping but I doubt they will, even though half the order is missing...

    So far I am not impressed, and they get 10 thumbs down out of 2.

    If they were smart, they would make the customer happy... I too was trained (from mcdonalds) that the customer is always right. Well, sorry to say... this is a long lost thing.

    The customer nowadays is always wrong, and the company always gets the upper hand, and the customer always gets screwed. I work for a MASSIVE telecommunications company in North America that believes their customers are not always right. I told my boss, I don't care what he thinks, my customers are always right. I give my heart and soul to my customers and so should SH.
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    Sorry for bumping an old thread but I managed to speak with the general owner of the StealthHydro. My two reflectors were crushed and the ph up and down powder spilled all over, I called them and they made an exception to ship new lights with the reflectors and way better ph up and down and he confirmed with me that I "DO NOT" have to pay for custom fees because he will write the value as 0.

    Never give hate, but give sorrow, they will compensate you. (I never yelled at them, only be frustrated)

    One thing I will agree with you is that their shipping method and how to package really sucks balls.


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