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  1. i just pulled a girl yesterday because we were supposed to get a hard frost and the plants went out extremely late (Aug 1st , Basically just as an experiment) Because of the freeze i went out and pulled her indoors(only 1 female not eaten by deer/rabbits etc), I have some bagseed in the middle of veg in a veg box, I dont want to waste the elctricity of a 1000 W HPS just to flower the 1 plant. It has only just started to flower and i want to Re_VEG it but i was wondering how long it should take to revert back to veg, so i can FIM the top(i forgot to do it a month ago). I've looked around on this site and also did a google search but all i could find was about reveging after harvest.
    Pics = Girl from outdoors - Left
    LST Mom and a bunch of seedlings in a window box - Right
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. I took cuttings from a flowering plant of 7 weeks and it took about 2 weeks to switch back. It is in full veg and growing nice and fast now!
  3. Do you mean the clones took 2 weeks to start growing again?

    Because I was thinking that if it started to look like it wasn't going to make it, Then I'd just have to sacrifice it for a clone. Since i didn't top it when i put it out, cause there wasn't enough time to get big. So if i have to sacrifice it i'll only be able to pull one clone off the top. So i am really hoping that its just in shock right now,
    but i need to figure out when i should be able to TOP/FIM it.
    I had wanted it for a mom but when i saw it (for the first time in a month) yesterday i realized it would be a crappy MOM because theres No branching. :(
    If anyone has seen this same topic elsewhere please point me in the right direction




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