Reversing damage done to your body

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  1. Any and all ideas welcome....

    I've drank alot in my 21 years on this planet. I've also popped way to many pills without doing a proper CWE. I'm sure my liver hates me. I've also rolled probly more than I should. I'm sure my brain hates me. I've done pretty much any common drug around.

    Any ways to help bring my liver, mind, body back to full or near full health?

    I take vitamins daily and try to excercise/eat well as much as I can
  2. I'm not clear-headed enough to compose my advice at this time, but I will either post here or PM you my thoughts, which hopefully will assist you in your quest.
  3. sounds good my man, feeling rather cloudy headed myself:smoke:
  4. I guess my advice would be to just cut down a little and keep up your current routine.

    Also, another popular thing people are doing is a body detox program (wouldn't know any links or anything to help you in finding it). They give you certain menus, drinks, and all that stuff to eat/drink, but they also tell you to stop taking any and all drugs, lol. They also require you to clean your system for a couple weeks. So there are a lot of prunes involved, I'm sure.
  5. the body is a amazing thing,has the ability to rejuvenate,all tho it doesn't start fully repairing its self until you have stopped putting things in there.

    its like when you quit smoking your lungs start to clean themselves there's not to much you can do if your still doing the things that damage your body.

    but what you stated above about taking vitamins and stuff,is a important part to keeping your body healthy.
  6. Anybody have any info on liver/full body detox kits?

    I've just recently gotten real into health. I quit smoking cigs and only have the occasional cigar every now and then. Just looking for any info:smoke:
  7. "Detoxing", in the form of special drinks/pills/whatever is a load of crap. You don't need that stuff, that's what your liver is for.

    If you want to repair your body, eat healthy, whole foods, exercise regularly, don't smoke, don't drink and don't take drugs.
  8. stop smoking, stop drinking, stop doing drugs, and let your body do the work.

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