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  1. that sound to good to be true, i would still take them out of your garden or at least quarantine them.
  2. duct passion's penetrator workes really well, but thats all i know of that line
  3. Yeah I have pulled more bannanas today and will finish 2nd dose tomorrow. I wish I could seperate them but 15 plants with no were to go and no light to go under is a little hard.

    My concern is with the other 15 of a differant strain being cross feminine pollinated. My sour grape will take 9-10 weeks and should produce larger buds and if pollinated will stop bud production and start making seed.:mad: So not only will my harvest be smaller it will be seeded also. Im getting really defeated.

    I also have found out that the clones came from a herm mother. So more people passing bad genetics. And this growers consultation to me was that "you can just harvest them for the fem seeds". What a bummer.

    At least my oaksterdam clones are doing great and living up to the hype. Im thinking now that I might just cut out the kush and make hash or butter and set up another strain in there place. This way I could see the sour grape all the way through and make a harvest every month. Hmm maybe this will work out for the best after all. :confused:

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