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Reverse tolerance to THC?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jaybone, Nov 26, 2001.

  1. Hey all, I remember reading somewhere that the human body has a "reverse tolerance" to THC. I can't remember (hehehe typical) where I read it, but it was a reputable source. They said as it builds up in your system, it takes you less to get high. I don't mean when you're smoking from the same bag for a while and you don't feel as stoned, that's you just getting bored of smoking the same shit and maybe some degradation of the THC over time.
    I mean how many times have people told you they didn't get stoned the first time they smoked? I've heard it a lot, and this would explain why.
    And after 12+ years of smoking on and off, I don't need to smoke a big bambu joint to get ripped. 2 or 3 tokes and I'm good.
    What's your opinion?
  2. I think what your talking about is called a threshold. The more regularly you smoke (i.e. maintain blood levels)the less is needed to catch that buzz. I also know that regular use can temporarily alter the physiology and structure of brain synapses. One last thought, the weed I smoke now is much better than the weed I smoked 20 years ago.
  3. damn and ive been smoking up like every day to build up my tolerance
  4. Welcome to grasscity man,,glad to see you found your way here as well....won't be long I'll see you at all my hangouts at this

    Read around...the brain actually has receptors for thc...since the canniboid balance really can't be perfectly controlled as the flowers dry. I suspect that the composition may differ slightly or greatly depending on many variables including genotype,potency,method of growth,etc. Thus giving that "I need something different" feeling. But I cannot say that I buzz on less than before,,I seem to buzz on more than before,,I am a daily user,,always have been ,,,so there is the tolerence through saturation In my case........which reminds me....time to burn one..........peace

  5. you talkin to me? thanks man
  6. I think he was talkin to me dude. But that's cool, no worries.

    Ndica, would you care to elaborate on that a little? I already know you're one smart motherfucker, but I'm not sure I understand the tolerance through saturation theory. I smoke everyday too, and have been for the better part of 8 years, but it definitely takes me less to get ripped than it used to. Did you get ripped your first time?

  7. Jaybone;

    Yes I got ripped my first time ,,sweetly.Go was private grown not commercial,,some good ol' Tennesee mountain bud...

    Drop a sponge in water,, it soaks it into the cells,if you don't completely wring it out,,it still has water in the cells. Therefore it can no longer absorb as much as it did the first time due to the water already present.

    Most longtime daily smokers I have questioned seem to have the same answer "I don't get as buzzed as I used to". Which leads me to believe that once your brain,and receptors becomes familiar with the effects of a particular thc composition on a daily basis,it remembers,and instead of saying what is that? it says,, oh yea I know you,, therefore the effects are already hampered due to that memory. Once the memory or saturation level is reached and exceeded,,,then the effects are felt(hmmm buzzed).

    Changing type of herb could seemingly fool that saturated memory due to the change in thc composition,also stopping the intake for several days or longer could drop the saturation level,so then you fire up again ,,,full effect once again....

    Did that help any?

  8. hahahahaha.....yeah i think i got it now....lmao
  9. I actually learned in psychology class that the THC builds up in your fat cells and thats why people who have been smoking for awhile need less to get high.
  10. "actually learned in psychology class that the THC builds up in your fat cells and thats why people who have been smoking for awhile need less to get high."

    Thats not true at all, it doesn't store anything that can get you high. In my biopharmacology class I did learn however that marijuana does indeed exhibit reverse tolerance. Seasoned smokers will indeed need less to get high.
  11. I feel like i get a buzz as quick as ever but no matter how much i smoke I dont get as high as I used too. So maybe everyone's right in my case or couldnt it just change for different people I mean there's alot that no one even knows.....
  12. then why do people need to take tolerance breaks? you obviously get more high after a break of not smoking a few days or weeks

    take a crack at that, haha
  13. Heh I may have to go and check my old notes for reference. But if I remember correctly, the thc has a halflife of at least 20 hours, but up to a couple of weeks, or something to that effect. So, while it is still present in your system it is possible that it would take more to get you high. However given a small tolerance break I'd assume a seasoned smoker would need less to get high than a new smoker.
  14. i read that you do build a tolerance to mj, but each strain is different, & only takes a couple of days for the tolerance to start to build up. it said to smoke something different every week or so for a few days, even dirt schwag, & you should notice that if youve been smoking the same mj for awhile, that youll get higher off the schwag, b/c of the tolerance factor, then go back to your good smoke. ill try to find the article and post it.
  15. long term it's reverse tolerance, short term it's not haha..
  16. I just noticed we dug up a thread that was 6 years old :/.
  17. Now Saliva has a reverse tolerance meaning each time you smoke it you get more fucked up than the previous time. I tried this myself by the 6bowl I smoked out of the bong to the face I got so high I stumbled into my roomates room and was trying to take a piss and I thought I was in a giant collisuem and people were talking to me and I ended up missing the toilet completly and pissing on his floor and he came in the bathroom when I was done and realized this and yelled at me which was really scary when I was trippin my ballz off on some salvia. I love salvia and everything but compared to other drugs man that shit should be illegal. There is no way as fucked up as I was that I could drive. I would like drive into oncominng traffic or go when it wasnt my turn at a light or something. that shit is intense.

  18. trust me man, once your tolderance is high, you wont like you just get poor because your spent all your money on pot.
  19. damn this thread is old

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