reverse roles?

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  1. so my girl and i usually f*ck anywhere from 10-15 min, with like 20 min bein's usually short and sweet ya know;)

    so last night, after just beginning, i opened up my special box and pulled out one of those durex performax condoms. first time ever using one. it felt great, and i was able to really pummel her. she came multiple times and i was feeling great, but like 10 min into it she winces in pain and i pull out. she never seems to be able to last more that 15 min of good penetration sex. she jokes and says she must have bad genes, and i'm like itchin to keep going haha

    so what do you think? anybody else hear of such a thing?
  2. Maybe she hasn't had sex enough times
  3. either your too big, or shes too tight, either way it aint the end of the world. try eating her out for a while to get the juices flowin.
  4. one thing you could do when that happens is take a moment to physically stimulate her and possibly giver her a little head and see if she can go some more after that
  5. you might be hitting the cervix or she might dry out real quick

    lube for the win and pay attention to what your dick is touching, if it feels hard you shouldn't be hitting it, a bruised cervix is not a pleasant thing, I didn't get any from my main girl for a while after that happened...then again neither did she, lol, so when she was feeling better she was all over it again :smoking:
  6. sometimes for a chick after an orgasm she can dry out or become too sensitive and it can get pretty uncomfortable, or it could be any other number of reasons but that's my guess being a female. lube is the answer usually.
  7. I think u need to expand it every time by a little,
    her pussy needs to ajust to it.
    She probably just needs some streching to do.

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