reverse osmosis?????

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by skronix, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. I WAS EXTREAMLY CURIOUS???? Do you have to change your water if your using RO water?? i have a couple plants in bucket systems and dont have any problems at alllllll. they been in there for four weeks???

    I would hate to lose them but if it is not neccassary, ANYONE????
  2. Harder question then i thought!
  3. outside of the obvious questions regarding pH and TDS ..

    RO or not ... change the water in a bucket every 7 to 10 days -or- if you have replaced 100% of the water with make up.

    Nothing magical about RO .. its just very, very low TDS (like 0).
  4. Wow u didnt help much, i didnt want your opinion if i should but if i had to????? I know it is a good idea to change it, but i mean is it really necessary? LIKE I SAID I HAVENT CHANGED MY WATER FOR FOUR WEEKS AND I HAVE NOT ONE PROBLEM PH IS GREAT!
    they actually seem to be growing bigger and faster then my other plants in soil.

    anyone else??:p
  5. Well you should change the nutes with fresh every two weeks..

    When I used bubble buckets (just used 3 of them), I used a brita water pitcher/filter to run the water through...

    But don't fix what aint broke... :p
  6. If things are going well then f@$$ it! But you do run the risk of unwanted things growing in the reservoir. Fresh water never hurt anything, or any plant.
  7. Thx for the output guys! Im going to go ahead and change it, always better safe then sorry!

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