Reverse Osmosis?

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  1. does anyone know of a good RO machine on ebay that ain't to expensive checked ppm of tap and its 231 i think thats too high.
  2. most ro's run about 200+ but you can goto a place like winco and get there water which is ro and it's only like $1.50 it's good until you can afford to but some money into it
  3. I saw one in Costco today for $150...
  4. Any good unit is going to cost you anywhere from $200 plus. You can buy distilled water by the gallon at wal mart, $1 a gallon. Might be cheaper to go that route
  5. I use five gallon jugs. Fill them up at grocery stores or gas stations from the machines out front. The machines use R/O systems and it only costs 15 or 20 cents a gallon.
  6. This is I've of the best deals I have found that actually works. I have used various brands for quite a few years growing lps and sps corals. Beware of cheap eBay filters. Some can be good but it is a crap shoot. Another thing you will notice is that cheaper filters usually cost more for replacement cartridges.

    Anyway, I have used a couple of these and they worked well. $60 for a rodi 0 ppm filter.
  7. damn if those work well thats one hell of a deal
  8. wat about the max water ones on ebay for like 120-140
  9. [quote name='"sourdiesel123"']wat about the max water ones on ebay for like 120-140[/quote]

    They are ok as well. Usually the cheaper filters will just require more frequent cartridge changes.
  10. I buy mine from bulkreefsupply....

    They use Dow filmtec membranes... quality...

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