Reverse Osmosis System

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  1. Reverse Osmosis System should i invest i one or would ph tap water get the job done, money isn't an issue but would love to save $200 lol

    i'm asking because i plan on flushing my plant's in the next 0-2 weeks in preparation for harvest!

  2. get it, IMO all of your plants should be given this water since day 1. tap water has to many foreign elements and other nasty things it that you dont want getting into your "final product". besides water from a reverse osmosis system saves you time by not having to constantly monitor and change your ph and no need to worry that much bout TDS (total dissovled solids) so i say go for it i was looking into a $450 system myself

  3. I am getting onboard with a system in about 2 months for sure :)
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  5. WHOA Thanks for the link to ebay man, i was looking for a good system at a great price and i think you just helped me find it (i was bout to shell out $250), so thanks for helping me save some guap bro!

  6. great link! thanks for all the replies, im heading to my local hydro store this weekend to cop me a RO system, it'll be nice to know ill have this for all my future grows also!

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