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  1. Hello guys I recently bought a R/O system because my tap water is very hard (600-700 ppm out the tap)
    it has gotten it down to 50ppm but the ph is at 8.4?
    it said the system will require 24hours for ph to stabilise.
    Do I need to throw all the water away until the ph stabilises?
    I just got enough for a feed, added silicone and it has shot up too 9.4 PH will I be okay using the water if I ph down, add calmag and then A&B then ph down again?

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  2. Yeah mate just leave the water sitting for 24 hours before adding anything. Give it time to stableise. See a lot of guys getting mad fluctuations from adding ro water straight away.

    Scillica first then mix it properly.
    Then calmag and whatever else your adding.
    Gotta mix the scillica first cos it reacts with things if it hits them straight.
    Adjust ph once everythings in.
    5.7-6.0 for veg. 6.0-6.5 for bloom.
    0.4ec for seedlings then 0.8-1.0ec once theyre rooted up and got a few nodes.
    Feed every day to run off.
    Not much else to it really. Coco growing is pretty straight forward. :)
  3. Hello again archer thanks for the reply, I’m just an confused now haha I don’t think I asked my question right it says in the instructions that the ph will stabilise coming out of the actual unit after 24hours of use. not wait for 24hours for the water to stabilise once you’ve filtered it or is this needed anyway with ro water?

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