Reverse Discrimination?

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  1. What is this crap? If a black discriminates against white its "reverse discrimination"? That is nonsense. Discriminate is defined:

    "to make a distinction in favor of or against a person or thing on the basis of the group, class, or category to which the person or thing belongs rather than according to actual merit;"

    So would not reverse discrimination mean the absence of discrimination?

    The media is ridiculous...
  2. I know dude when ever i hear some one say that I just think how dumb it is to say that.
  3. I recently saw a job posted on the internet, lower managment/clerical, which I am 1000% qualified for and should be a shoe-in. It is with a large international baking corporation, with branches in the U.S. At the bottom of the page, it said that they were committed to Affirmative Action, that they were an Equal Opportunity Employer, and are proponents of a Drug Free Workplace. Even though I haven't used any weed lately, and could probably pass the drug test, I didn't even bother to apply due to the first two things about Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity - although the drug free part pissed me off just as much. I really don't need this bullshit anymore at this stage of my life. I'd rather continue to collect unemployment before I go on an interview at that place.
  4. You know as stupid as it sounds I'll take reverse discrimination versus some of the other garbage I've heard. I've had people tell me that white's can't be discriminated against because they are the majority or the ones in power and other such bullshit.

    It's something that amazes me to no end. In my town(and this is not to say its wide spread problem because Idk I obviously haven't been everywhere) there is tons of racism by black kids against white kids. Hell I can't even play basketball at my local community center because of the color of my skin(I'm let in obviously but I'm basically forced to wait on the sideline and if I call down for a later game they muscle me over in numbers). I get called cracker, and whitey and all sorts of other garbage terms.

    Seriously it's bullshit and well I'm certain there are tons of black people out there that are great(I know because I chill with em :p) it just seems that sometimes just by being white I've commited a crime around here. I mean God forbid I want to play basketball or hang out with my friends without hearing shit being said to me from pricks that feel they're big and badass when they've got a bunch of people next to them.

    Discrimination in any form needs to be done away with
  5. racism isn't fair to whites nowadays

    sure during the 60's and the rest of history it might have been different, but the poster above me pretty much described life where i am
  6. i don't think you understand the terminology

    reverse descrimination refers to a program, in attempt to curve discrimination, actually reverses the discrimination onto the other supposed discriminator

    discrimination in reverse

    this is most prevalent in diversity "quotas"

    i.e. 1 woman for every 2 males in the workplace

    even if the woman is not as qualified

    look up judge Sotomayor and the firefighters case, it's a prime example

    and btw, if this pisses you off, get over it-reverse discrimination is real
  7. I get shit from aboriginal australians all the time, if your not aware the brits came over stole their land fucked up their culture and tried to breed them out. I obviously had nothing to do with it since i wasnt born yet. But since im white i am still blaimed for it. This retardation has too stop, i dont care who you are or what happend to you racism is not justified.

  8. I think what they meant was that racial minorities cannot be racist, and they can't for the reasons mentioned (they don't posses the power to). But black people and other minorities can discriminate and can be prejudiced (and there is a difference). I think that people are way too quick to jump on the whole "white's are the ones in trouble now" thing b/c it's too easy to. It's always easier to point the finger at the loud black kid instead of the obnoxious white guy, and nowadays someone needs to either be overt or use a racial slur for something to be seen as discrimination.:rolleyes:

    Although, I can understand frustration, but it's obvious that white people today still benefit from past black oppression, thats just the fact of the matter. It's an apparent and inevitable truth (for now) and I find it comical that anyone could try to deny that, again it's not as simple as a racial slur.

    This doesn't excuse black prejudice/discrimination, but things like "affirmative action" aren't there to give african americans some sort of sympathetic leg up on everyone else, it's meant to serve as an equalizer. Also, I notice that white people are usually very quick to point the finger at black students in predominantly white colleges as "tokens" or w/e. How about asking about why these school are predominately white anyway? Or about the athletes, kids of alumni, descendants of rich sponsors and other students that are given a boost on the admissions list? They have yet to be scrutinized as intensely as minorities which may or may not have gained admission in order to fill a quota.

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  10. i hate the term reverse discrimination and reverse racism. for some reason i want to stab them in the throat lol... if a black guy or spanish guy call me a cracker its racist!!! if i call them a wetback or n!gger its racist. see no reverse shit there same thing. and no i am not racist at all so dont start talking shit i used the words in an example.

  11. yep.

    Whites are still living in better neighborhoods, with better schools, given better health care, positive roles in the media and paid more. Which is only true b/c the majority of white people's great grandparents/grandparents/etc weren't shoved into ghettos or bumfuck southern towns with shitty schools, hospitals, grocery stores amongst other things that pretty much doom you to live the same life that your family did. Same goes for white people whose families didn't have to go through that. I'm not saying that their aren't outliers but typically if you're ancestors were poor and black/Hispanic/Asian/etc, unless their is some sort of major change or interference then you're going to be that to, "cycle of poverty" and whatnot.

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  12. maybe if the people in the ghettos would get off there asses and get a job and stop collecting gov. checks... blacks played the whole we dont have a black pres. shit for a while and now you got a half black president and still arent doing shit. im not talking about all black people just the ones who complain about the white man holding them down and all that bull shit. almost every murder in the ghettos are black on black fighting over stupid shit like shirt colors and shit.

    so to all the people in the ghetto, get a job stop shooting your fellow man stop joining gangs so you can live past 25. save your money and get out the ghettos and move into a middle class neighborhood.

    i know crack dealers that live in shithole houses but drive around wit $500 gucci shades, $150 coogi shirts,thousands of dollars worth of jewlery and 30" rims. how ignorant can people be? spend that on a down payment on a nice house and get you kids away from the hood so they dont have to grow up and follow their fathers footsteps.

    i used to chill with my coke dealer at his house and we would sit at the table smokin blunts next to her 6 kids while they ate dinner that was cooked in the oven that was used to cook crack not even 20 minutes before. with ounces of blow laid out on the counter and a qp of trees. its fucked up that the kids are put through that shit and then they think its ok do sell drugs and shit..
  13. OP, since it is primarily minority groups that are oppressed it is sort of an anomaly for the majority to be oppressed via the law, thus when the state oppresses the majority the common rule is reversed.

    I don't see it as justification for the discrimination, just a way of articulating the absurdity.

    I think the phrase deserves a spot in our lexicon...

    And it isn't being used properly if in reference to individuals, like say some black guy calls a white guy a cracker. That is not reverse racism, that is just "sticking it to the man".
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    bro, do you know how capitalism works? a certain percentage of people are alienated from the job market regardless of whether or not they want a job. ask anybody in detroit, cleveland, cincinnati, flint mi, gary in, and other places like that why they don't have a job, they'll tell you the same thing: nobody's hiring, everybody's laying off. it's not necessarily the people - some people are lazy - but it has far more to do with the fact that capitalism is nothing more than institutional oppression.

    do you know what the number 1 predictor of a successful life is? the environment in which somebody was raised. if you're rich, your chances of graduating college and landing a high-paying job are many times greater than if you have to drop out of high school to help pay bills. we americans have this idea stuck in our heads that anybody can do anything, that as long as you're willing to pull yourself up by your bootstraps you can be successful. but that's not how it works. we can't all afford to own businesses, go to med school, or become an executive. some of us have to work for minimum wage - and good luck leaving the ghetto on that salary.

    i do agree that people need to take accountability for their actions, but honestly, if being successful is so easy, why do so many people in america fail?
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    man anyone can get a job (obviously not right now, this recession is fucking over a lot of hard working people, even a white dude like me) shit man its all about PRESENTATION. dont talk like a ni99a, dont dress like you're from the ghetto, get a damn haircut and walk in with a smile on your face

    people talk about the ghetto like its some faraway distant place that no one goes to and no one comes from

    then i hear stories about black dudes that were like "the ghetto life wasnt for me, i wanted to raise my children better, so i left"

    if you are really dedicated, you can do whatev you want, shit it doesn't get ANY better than america

    shit man it costs $300 motherfucken dollars at my community college to become an EMT

    thats a fucken JOB man, you can work your way up from there, SAVE SOME MONEY and do whatever the FUCK you want

    my brother is a paramedic now, bought a house (THAT HE CAN ACTUALLY FUCKEN AFFORD), and lives the goddamn high life

    (but only because he's white?)

  16. ^^apprently if your white, when you turn 18 george w. bush hands you a college degree, 100,000,000 dollars and a job. lol. and the whole if your raised in a rich home you graduate and go on to be rich well my family is middle class(we have never been rich but recently have became damn near poor :() and i dropped out in the 8th grade and cant get a job... maybe its because my dad has step brothers/sister that are half black... damn crackers holdin me down lmao
  17. Racism is racism and discrimination is discrimination, personally I think wealth (If you're poor you loose) is more relevant then skin color.
  18. lmfao at white kids from the burbs critiquing the hood. stick to what you know.

  19. Try not to limit your view of an entire people on the one guy that you know that managed to do something with his life. We all hear about the Ben Carson's, Oprah's and regular people that "make it out" but the only reason that those people are so excited to talk about people like that with such praise is because it rarely happens.

    What you mentioned about presentation earlier is exactly what I was talking about: White is right. No one is asking if you are clean or neatly dressed, they want to know if what you're wearing matches up with the mainstream WHITE culture's idea that khakis and a button down are a representation of professionalism.

    I'm Nigerian-American and my grandfather owned 6 successful hotels, a car dealership,and enough housing to support his several wives yet whenever he came to visit me here, we would take walks and he would be reported by my neighbors for his "suspicious attire" (something like this ) . Why aren't clothes that are inspired by pan-african/black culture viewed as professional? It's not about looking "good" it's about looking like them. This is only one of the places where "white privilege" is seen another is how slangs commonly used by white people are more accepted in schools and workplaces while AAVE is seen as "ghetto" or "unprofessional".

    Travo420, interesting how you talked all that shit about the parents, but when you go to the kids all you could say was "sucks, man". That's exactly what America does to every generation, they call the parent's terrible, keep them from getting better jobs, education for their children, etc (using things like drug testing, backround checks, zoning), "pity" the children and then when those kids grow up act completely shocked when they live lives similar to that of their parents. Of course personal responsibilty does have a place here, but odds are set against poor blacks and intentionally so. People love to say that poor black people don't want to do better otherwise they would just go to community college and become anything else. Why not ask yourself: Why are poor black people mainly being offered vocational jobs? Why can't they aspire for something else?, Why are these choices so limited? Or, Why would white kids get tell poor black people how to solve their problems when they didn't have to fight through a family history of oppression, combined current oppression? Poor minorities are stunted in school, work, and both mental health and psychical health...pretty everything you would need to really succeed.

    I knew that the whole "pull yourself up by your bootstraps' bull was coming up though, because many people still want to sling to that foolish idea that everything we have is earned, America is not a meritocracy, but I'm sure it's easier to think otherwise.

    much love,
  20. because we don't live in africa?

    put on a fucking button-up shirt, tuck it in and stfu





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