Reverse Black Holes... My Theory

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  1. yea sorry about the order I did those in, I should make it clearer who I'm replying to. I read the OP's reply to mine and a couple others on page 1/2 and then skimmed through the next two pages. I have a habit of typing/talking slower than my brain is making arguments for or against something and forget to draw the connections between what I'm talking about and why I'm saying it lol

    For the useful part: I meant it in that the partials aren't traveling anywhere so it isn't really meaningful to talk about their speed. This being after they have crossed over the event horizon of the black hole and the split of an atom has occurred (where hawking radiation is formed).

    Between the even horizon and the point of no return is where they have a speed but can't be seen because the only direction possible is inward. To me it's not really useful to say they have an outward speed if the only possible net speed is inward. Also things aren't really traveling faster than the speed of light, it's just that the pull of gravity is larger than the speed of light so the net speed is inward, always.

    as for the A and B things, you get what I was saying there?
    On the scale of atoms, yes there are some atoms there but the net effect is so small it's negligible. You would either need a very large amount of energy or a very long time to have an effect (longer than the life of stars).
    On the quantum scale (where things are popping in and out of existence) the net affect is 0 because the same amount that is created is also taken away so any momentary gain is then taken away when it is absorbed by the disappearing particle.

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  4. I dont think white holes exist. Black holes crush energy into its fundamental state, then evaporate. Gravity is not infinite. Entropy eventually kills black holes too.

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