revenge ;)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by steveTHEstoner, May 2, 2011.

  1. so about 3 days ago this kid at school wanted me to pick him up some tree, he wanted an 1/8, and i was gunna buy a 10 sack so iwas like, uhh might as well get him some from my dealer too, and the same kid earlier this yr , snitched on me to the bus driver and to the school for having weed, and i got suspended, but now he thinks we're freinds, but HELL NO! i hate the dude, so when i bought the weed i switched the bags around so i get his 1/8 and he gets my bag wich has a gram in it, hahah

    the next time day he approaches me : " i think your dealer jipped me off . . . "
    paybacks a bitch , right ?;)
    p.s, i thought it was funny how he went from being a good churchey kid, to a huge ass stoner so fast..... FUCKIN POSER.
  2. How can you be over 18 and ride the bus to school?
  3. I do not agree with your decision to be a shit snare.
  4. op is 14.

    i cite-he rides the bus
    -he feels like robbing someone of $20 worth of weed is revenge
    -he used the word "poser"

  5. Eighths are 60$ where I come from pilgrim.
  6. Whats up with the bus driver shit?
  7. still doesnt change the fact the ripping someone off for some pocket change and then telling them it was someone else is not revenge
  8. Well lets see, gas is about 4.50 a gallon, and some schools have over 800 seniors with only 500 parking spots. There is a multitude of other reasons that he might ride the bus and be over 18

  9. Revenge is subjective
  10. $60?! Thank god I don't live where you do.
  11. I know right? These god damn Orcs are charging 60$ 1/8th for some Grand daddy purp.
  12. i agree to an extent, but unless the person knows who did the cant be revenge. i mean thats the whole point of it
  13. ive been seeing prices creep over $50 an 8th here as well the last couple months, luckily non of my regular suppliers though heh

  14. Yeah spending 60 on an 1/8 is pretty shitty :/
  15. i hope he steals your lunch money and you fail phys ed
  16. I didn't have my drivers license, or money for a car, in high school, so I rode thebus, even til I was 18, so that argument is invalid
  17. $40 for an eight where I live

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