Revenge of the Clones

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  1. Is it just me or are plants grown from seed just more robust than clones? I'm a relative beginner and have now grown twice outdoors. The first time I grew a couple clones. This time I'm growing 6 plants from seed. What a difference. The clones always had insects or caterpillars attacking them. The plants from seed are much more insect resistant and generally heartier. Is this an anomaly or is this normal?
  2. Plants grown from seeds are way more robust than clones but I don't know about being any more insect resistant. I think that there are other factors involved with your grow regarding less insect damage.
  3. Everything you said is true.

    Most clones are 20 year old plants that have been abused along the way. A perfect grow depends on the first month much more than people understand. The first month of root growth in a seed compared to a clone is a joke. Then with a bigger root base, the seed plant takes off and never looks back.
  4. Since I began using Silca..I have had no trouble with pests:) (Soil)
    My own GDP clone..Mama is from seed ! (clone is about 5 wks old..when taken, mama was 6 weeks old from seed)
    Clone has been just as robust as her mom..takes a lot of abuse well. (I mean Topping, super cropping etc..LOL)
    8-19-17 full recovery.jpg
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  5. Help me understand how a plant grown from a seed is more insect resistant than a clone.
  6. The only difference I could tell was that a clone has no tap root, yes??
  7. I am currently growing 5 clones and one seedling. Everything you literally just described applies to my grow as well. I guess that's the tradeoff. I grew clones because I couldn't afford the risk of males in my 50gal pots with a full season grow. I figured that'd be the smarter choice as opposed to going with seedlings where I'd possibly have no females making it all a huge waste of time. When plants were in veg and getting sprayed with neem, I still had thrips and gnats every now and then. Spider mites were extremely rare but when they did pop out it was on the clones and never once on the seedling. Maybe a scientist could explain. Doubt it was a coincidence. I've had other people tell me the same thing
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    Adding Silica makes the leaves and stems(not sure about roots) very hard for many bugs to bite thru..I begin when the seedlings 1st pop thru the soil..jmho
  9. Yea I'm big on that. I give that to all my plants. Foliar spray everyday pretty much. I went with GH. Theirs is 10%
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  11. Im guessing its a chemical the roots produce and flow thru the plant. And with a taproot it prob just makes that much more of it. Not sure, don't quote me on it, lol.
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  12. Read the book "Tuning into Nature" by Philip Callahan. People don't realize that the frequency given off by plants is what bugs look for. The antenna on bugs are actually frequency readers. When a plant is healthy it vibrates at a frequency bugs cant even see. An unhealthy plants is like a neon sign in a dark room.

    What does all this mean in regards to our conversation? The healthier the plant, the less bug pressure you will receive. This has to do with growing skills, environment, genetics and epigenetics. (sp) Seeds are genetics more apt to shoot out of soil than a 20 year old clone. ROOTS ARE EVERYTHING IN THIS INDUSTRY. Get Ca and Si in the early soil, and let those roots fill out the pots.

    A side by side with clone vs seed one month after germination is quite startling. The clone may start it's vertical growth quicker, but once the foundation is set in the seed start, it's over. This is so extreme, if you take a 5 ft mother plant and throw it outside in May next to a healthy seed start, the seed start will out produce that mother EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    It's all about healthy, vigorous plants, from day one.
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  13. I suppose the next question would be, why grow from clone then?

    I like to grow seeds with my full season. All my deps get clones and I stuff the beds 18" on center. Numbers makes up for lack of vigor with clones. Also, it's easier to sell GG #4 or GSC than it is to sell gsc x GG #4 x pink butthole or whatever. All of so cal wants name brands, bulk brokers don't care as much, they just want the fuel.
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  14. Always thought GG#4 was Supposed to be the ole "Clone Only" Ripoff..I have seen what appears to be real GG#4 autos, and a few seeds from sketchy seed banks claiming to be REAL GG#4 feminized seeds, but that clone only BS kept me away..
    RQ Royal Gorilla and Gorilla Bomb have caught my eye..I grew out some Gorilla Wreck#4(GG#4xTrainwreck) and it was par excellance..a bit touchy later in flower (tendency to herm), but she was all good..never saw a nanner or a seed ..;)
    I usually stay clear of Sativa /Sativa Leaning strains, but GG#4 is one of my favs..
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  15. I trust nothing, but from what I have heard, Dark Heart Nursery contacted josey wales who created the GG #4 and they both agree it's legit. Don't know how they determined it exactly, but that is the story. I grew DHN GG #4 and a cut direct from josey wales, and they seemed the same. It was over two different seasons, but close enough from what I could tell.

    I still don't really like the GG#4. Trimmers always bitch, but it's one of the first to sell. Great bag appeal
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  16. I dunno, while I generally grow from clones I have a seed plant going almost every grow and short of the seed always being a different strain I don't look at them and think the seed plant is any more "robust" than my clones or at least it has not jumped out at me...but then my clones (one of which I know the history back to 1992) are always rebust.
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  17. Yah, I listened to a video today where the claim was a clone is identical genetically to the mother, except in the rare case where a mutation has occurred which was supposedly a one in 50,000 chance. So, I'm starting to think that maybe the difference is the grow media I'm using now. (coco coir + worm castings + bat guano)

    Opinions in the thread vary widely. :)
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  18. Ok, thanks... good information... well appreciated.
  19. Hmmm, I wonder what kind of vibrations I give off? Mosquitos love me. :)
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  20. The idea that clones are the genetic equivelent to their mother is fact (not a claim) Anyone telling you oherwise, should have all of their opinions questioned. Every other day I read here or elsewhere about clones degrading...sorry no...they don't. Can the clone start unhealthy because the mother was unhealthy due to pest or disease, sure.

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