Revenge Is Sweeter The Longer You Wait,,!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. i had a beef with this guy that \'\'disrespected\'\' my house,,, he was a friend of my cousins,, that come over a couple of times,,, i really didnt know him,,,

    but he fucked with my ex in the wrong way,,, i talked to him on the phone,, and he went ganster on me,, talking a lot of shit,,,, he\'s a young boy... now i done got rid of my ol-lady months ago,, but that dont mean ive forgotten this fucker by no means,,,,

    you dont mess with a married mans wife,,, especially mine,,,,i barely reconized him,,, and approached him at the river,, \'\' asked him,, \'\'you look like a old friend of mine,,, whats your name ? HIS RESPONSE WAS,,,

    \'\' dude i dont want no trouble,,, \'\'get out of my face\'\' that right there told me i had the right guy,,,, well i got out of his face after,,,, he said this,,,,,i left,,,,

    really hid in the woods and waited for this guy to calm down,,, i wasnt going to do nothing in a public place,,, in front of kids and all that,,,, i waited in the woods and watched this guy,,,,

    well eventually he walked the river shoreline,,,and i walked in the woods right with him,,,,, when the time was right,,, i run out of the woods like a crazed gorilla,,,,, and fucked this young punk up...

    i beat his ass, real good kicked him more times than i can count,, and told his 2 friends that if they wanted some to step forward,,,, some friends he had,,,, they said,,, \'\' we have no problem with you\'\'

    it was a dumb thing really,, because im on probation,,,, but this little thug,, needed his ass handed to him for what he did to me,,,,,

    i feel better now that ive done it,,,, and i\'ll kick his ass in the future when i see him,,, again and again and again,,,,, remorse is not a issue for what he did,, he\'s my enemy for life,,,,, and i look forward to the next time i get to kick him like a dog,!!!!!!!

    my little rant but i feel better now...:cool:
  2. I dont know if this is city \'appropriate\'.

    Jus dont want to see ya banned for something dumb.
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