Discussion in 'General' started by stoned_soldier, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. Has anybody ever had any stony revelations... things you'd never think of before? Like this other time I was looking at my surroundings and everything is wobbly. I'm like "Nothing is real. These curtains are so fake. Life is a game."
  2. I've noticed how fake people act when I'm stoned. It's really kinda scary how much people in my life seem like bad actors in a crappy movie.
  3. if i do i don't remember them :)

    but from time to time i get these great visually creative ideas for animation work when slightly stoned (doesn't work when wasted).

    when truly baked however i make most my music, but that is not so much structured, it's more of the "this might sound good" trial and error approach...
  4. This reminds me of my mate when he first tried weed,
    he was sat on a chair in my room repeating "this isn't real im dreaming". that was the funnist thing i'd ever herd.

    ahhh. the good old days. :p

  5. I think i know exactly what you mean, I think I even was like that when I was younger, to sceard of what people think about me....Mary Jane have teached me sooo much, she have helped me realize things, I think she helps me to undestand whats going on in my subconscious, thoughts I don't realize that I have all the time...or something :p

    did this make sense at all? weed enhance my subconscious thoughts?
  6. andis, this makes lots of sense. It's like you're dreaming but you're not. Good, high times.
  7. Pot has helped me just stop caring what other people think. I'll just live my life my way (except when I need the 'rents money for college) and find friends that have the same attitude. Fake people drive me nuts. Honesty is one thing I really value in people.

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