Revegging and flowering your plant!?

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  1. I starting thinking that i wouldnt kill my plant after its ripe and ready, but just trim back all the colas and buds leaving enough on the plant to reveg and ultimateyl reflower. Im thinking this will save me like 4 weeks to harvest again. But ALSO i have heard, what may be just dumb rumor, that the potency goes up with the second harvest.
    Even crazier yet i heard a...myth?...that if you polinate the plant every other harvest allowing your hard working lady to feel a sense of accomplishment will make the potency to go up also. Has anybody else heard this or have any kind of experience with this?
    Let's hear it :D
  2. It is possible but you will not save time. You will add at least 6- 8 weeks depending on the strain.

    After you 'trim' your plant and harvest the tops, you would need to revert the lighting to 24hrs on. Your plant will take 6-8 weeks before it will start to 're-veg.' Then you will need to wait for the plant to grow back to size, then re flower. This is not an ideal situation. You should mother the plant after you re-veg it and take some clones and flower the clones.

    This also allows you to veg your clones while you have other plants blooming in another room / area.
  3. I have three different areas and already have clones and other mother.. But it would seem that if i were to reveg her for just more clones...and then grow those clown...that would take longer. I have reveged this strain before and it didnt take long at all. I take the colas and leave the entire bottom of the plant and some popcorn nugs maybe thats why. I felt really bad about trashin it last time
    To me it seems like, i already have a established root system and pretty gnarly plant. I plan on revegging it just to making clone size then BAM put her into flower....thats gotta save somee time. I really want to see how long and how many harvests i can get out of her. Make her into some sort of badass bonsai bud plant. :)
  4. if that strain is good for it do it!!!

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